PHPmyAdmin not accessible

Still facing the same issue. I tried everything

cleared cookies, changed my password but nothing works. Please help at earliest

Read again


I have tried all these. Even tried to open on a different system. Nothing works.
Can you please let me know any other solution?

On which account and/or database do you experience this issue? I’d like to see if I see the same issue, so please tell me where exactly you experience this issue.

Also, do you use the phpMyAdmin button in the client area ( or control panel (


When I am trying to access mySQL database from the profile page, it is showing this.

I changed both of my password to match but still no changes

Like the message says: “Please verify you can login to the control panel from the client area”.

What happens if you click the big green Control Panel button you see in the screenshot? Are you logged in to the control panel or not?


I can login to control panel but not directly. I can log into the control panel but need to use the password again.


That may be because you changed the password for the control panel the incorrect way. Use the “Edit Settings” button on the accounts page in the client area to reset the accounts password. Wait 5 minutes then try again.


I am not able to find any button named Edit settings. Can you please guide me?

Can you login to client area and find this?

I did that but it is showing me this

Thanks for your help, I just kept the field empty and clicked on save password. and it worked. Now I am able to access the mySql ddatabase.

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After connecting the database as well, I am still getting this error. Can you please help in this? I have already checked the following and those are fine:

  1. File permissions are proper.
  2. there is no typo in URL i am trying to open.
  3. database settings are fine.

Can you please look into these and help me identify the issue?

Thanks in advance.


I checked your website and I see some issues.

I’m referring to the things you uploaded to the staging folder. The main folder is empty.

The directories in there seem like a WordPress site, but some WordPress core files are missing. Please try re-uploading them from your backup. Note that uploading entire websites with the file manager doesn’t work well, so you may want to do that through a desktop FTP client like FileZilla instead.

The .htaccess file of your site contains some codes that are not standard WordPress and may have been added there by your previous hosting provider. I recommend replacing the contents of this file with the standard WordPress codes: htaccess – Documentation –


Thanks for sharing. I will look into that.

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