PHP 5.x versions will be removed soon

In the near future, all versions of PHP 5, including PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6 will be removed from free hosting.

What will happen

Some time in the near future, PHP 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 will be removed from the available PHP versions on free hosting. When that happens, all sites currently using any PHP 5 version will be automatically moved to PHP 7.4 or later.

When will this happen

PHP 5 will be removed from all free hosting servers in the next few months.

You should take action as soon as possible to prevent unexpected interruptions to your website.

Why are we doing this

The newest version of PHP 5.6 has not received any official updates since December 2018. For PHP 5.5 and 5.4, this is even longer ago.

Since then, various security vulnerabilities have been identified in PHP 5, and we have had to disable various core PHP functions to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

Almost all scripts that are still being maintained have been updated to support PHP 7 since it came out in 2015. Any script that has not been updated six and a half years later is most likely abandoned.

To keep all sites on our servers safe (not just the sites running PHP 5, but also other sites on the servers that may be affected by vulnerabilities), we have chosen to end support for these outdated PHP versions and the scripts that rely on it.

What should you do

The first thing you should do is to verify that all your sites are running on PHP 7.4. To do this, login to the control panel, go to Select PHP Version and check the selected PHP version for every domain name.

If you find any sites not running on PHP 7.4, you can try switching them to PHP 7.4. If you are using an up to date, popular CMS, most likely it will work without any problems.

If you do experience issues, you should check if the script you’re using has updates available that support PHP 7. If so, you should upgrade your site to the latest version of the software to make it work with PHP 7.

If your software cannot be updated to PHP 7, that means the software is most likely abandoned by the author(s). If so, you should migrate to different software that is still being developed to make sure that your website works and will keep working with current and future system updates.

What can I do if I want to keep using PHP 5

If for some reason you really can’t or won’t upgrade to PHP 7, know that older versions of PHP will remain available on premium hosting. Premium hosting comes with HardenedPHP, that makes it possible to provide older PHP versions in a safe way. Premium hosting supports most minor versions of PHP 5, and even PHP 4.4 if required.


Do you think with the removal of PHP5 will come the implementation of PHP8 or not? Just curious!


PHP 8 won’t be released right away when PHP 5 is removed. However, iFastNet is also removing PHP 5 because it requires old code to run that makes it hard to offer PHP 8 right now.

So removing PHP 5 is a stepping stone towards moving to PHP 8.


Dont Remove Php 5.6

Why not? It is not secure anymore, and programs that use it should be updated or discontinued.

If you really require it, premium hosting will still have it.


Like I wrote in the post, only premium hosting has CloudLinux’ HardenedPHP, which makes it possible to offer outdated versions of PHP safely.

On free hosting, all versions that are no longer supported by the developers of PHP (which includes PHP 5.6 since 2019) cannot be provided safely, which is why we will not provide them at all anymore.

Old versions of software can’t be kept around forever.


Hi Admin!

Any update on the exact timeline on when PHP 5 removed?


No, sorry, I don’t have any new information.


this will be the next few days, planning has completed and old php 5.x is going


tests have started on several nodes regarding the move, generally speed has increased massively if you were previously a php 7+ client.


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Please don’t remove PHP 5.X :upside_down_face:

Please don’t remove PHP 5.X

We have to, due to the reasons described in the original post.

I understand that this is annoying if you are currently using PHP 5.x. But please also understand that you cannot expect to be able to use outdated software forever. And that if you are not using PHP 5.x, you’ll see an actual performance boost to your website, which I think is far more valuable than having a feature you don’t use.


As of the 2nd of September, all PHP 5.x versions have been removed from free hosting, and all sites have been upgraded to PHP 7.4.

The PHP version selector has also been removed (because there are no other PHP versions to choose from).

PHP 8 is next on the roadmap regarding PHP versions, which will replace PHP 7.4 when that happens.


Then I guess its time to stop here.

Do note that older PHP versions have vulnerabilities. Since we can no longer safely run these older versions here, we have to remove them to keep your website safe.

Do note that premium hosting has special software that allows these older versions of PHP to be run (somewhat) safely.