Help Changing PHP Versions

Hello! I chose the php version for the 5th… Site errors are not lost… I returned to the 7th… The site is gone. And he writes that I use the 5th version. How do I change back to 7? Thanks.

You can change your php version in the control panel under “php Config”


I’m changing it there. But the error does not go away.

What error?
Loading normally for me…

this is another forum, it was created purely on files, without mysql, I have already deleted that one. The mistake was that your site requires support for php 7 and higher, you have 5.4 installed, I chose 7.4 and the error remained. The frum script was XenForo 2.2.9

XenForo costs $648USD per year, and if you can afford that, you can afford $5USD per month hosting. And if you didn’t buy a license, note that using nulled/cracked/pirated scripts will get you permanently banned.



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