Partial Hosting Outage [Websites, FTP, MySQL]

Partial Hosting Outage

A number of free hosting servers, fulfilling various roles, have gone down due to a datacenter issue.

Which components are affected by this issue

  • FTP (FileZilla access,, etc) Fixed
  • The online file manager ( fixed
  • Various database servers. Fixed

Websites hosted on IPs:


What issues may you see

“Server cannot be found”
“Connection Error”
A white page
“Error establishing a database connection”

When will this issue be resolved

We are doing our best to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough details to tell how soon that will be. Rest assured that we are working on the issue, and should have it resolved shortly.

Please do not post your IP or URL. We are aware of which ones are down, and are working to fix them. Please help keep this forum clean!

What can you do to fix this

At this time, there are no known workarounds. We will update this topic if and when one becomes available.


  • 1:00 PM UTC - Issue reported
  • 2:00 PM UTC - Issue confirmed
  • 6:50 PM UTC - FTP and database access restored

We are aware of the issue and are doing our best to get this resolved as soon as possible.

We completely understand that this may cause confusion and you will have additional questions. We are happy to provide any information we have to help you.

However, to keep the contents of this topic clean, clear and concise, we ask that you carefully read the Outage Communication Rules before posting.

In a nutshell:

  • Please keep the posts about the outage in this topic, and all posts not about this outage outside of this topic.
  • Please post relevant questions only that have not been answered yet. It may be compelling to ask obvious questions like “when will this be fixed”, but basic information like that will be put in this message as soon as we know it.
  • Please carefully check the known symptoms and affected components.
    • If you are on the affected components, you are almost certainly affected by the outage. If so, please refrain from simply stating you are affected, it does not help get your service back up faster.
    • If you are not on the affected components but do experience all of the symptoms, please say so below so we can check if our list is incomplete.
    • If you do not experience all listed issues and are not on the components that are known to be affected, the issue you are experiencing is most likely not related to this outage. If so, please create a new topic in the Hosting Support category and describe the issue there.
  • If you say you are affected by the outage, please always include your website URL. I can’t check if you are affected by the outage if you don’t say which of your websites is affected.

Posts that do not follow these rules may be deleted without warning. This is to help ensure that all the relevant information is easily available to everyone reading this topic.



my website on IP is also affected

Main domain
Website IP
is not working as well

That IP is working

That IP is down, thanks for the report

That IP is working

That IP is down, thanks for the report

That IP is working, but the database server may be down.

That IP is working

That IP is down, thanks for the report

That IP is down. Due note that your main domain will always show the suspended page.

That IP is working

As a reminder, please follow the outage communication rules outlined in the first post. I will continue to remove posts that do not follow those rules.

For cleanliness sake, I will also remove the incorrect reports.


That IP and your website are working fine.

That IP is also working. I already told you that.

Once again, please follow the rules outlined in post one. An ETA is not known for this issue at the moment. For cleanliness sake, I will also remove the incorrect reports.

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It would appear that currently, about 15% of all websites are down. This is an improvement compared to the almost 40% before, but still issues are not resolved.

The FTP server and file manager also appear to be down.

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND WITH ACCOUNTS/IP ADDRESSES. There is monitoring in place that can recognize this issue, so we can see what’s down. I don’t need any examples.

I just found out about this issue. I’m trying to get in touch with iFastNet to learn more about this. As soon as I know more, I’ll share what I know.

Until then, please have patience, and please keep the forum clean.


it seems to be working again, my site back and filemanager site works again. but i can’t login yet.

Please note that if you upgrade you will be placed on servers that are not normally plagued by these issues.

This issue is still ongoing, please do not post your IP your URL, and follow the rules outlined in post #1 to keep our forum clean. Posts found violating the rules will be flagged as spam and deleted.



file manager is back up

The file manager and FTP server are currently responding, but many websites are still down. So it’s definitely not solved yet.

That’s not necessarily true. One of my own accounts on premium hosting went down along with many free hosting sites.

Based on that, I would expect this issue to be caused by a larger datacenter outage such as a power or network failure, but that’s just speculation.


if i have upgrade my account, now problem is normal?

It is not known what is causing the outage, so you would have to as if that will work.

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my site is showing Error establishing a database connection please help.

I just got a reply from iFastNet.

According to them, the issue was indeed caused by a datacenter issue, resulting in power AND network issues.

All kinds of servers were affected by this: website servers, file servers, database servers, free servers and premium servers.

The people at iFastNet are working hard to get everything back online. Please be patient while they’re bringing everything up.


This doesn’t affect some of my sites as they just point to a Replit server.

Good news! I just got confirmation from iFastNet that almost all servers have come back up!

Unfortunately, the datacenter issues have resulted in some hardware failure of some servers. Because of this, the following website IPs are still down:


Unfortunately, it may take a few days for replacement parts to be brought in and installed for these IPs to come back up.


According to iFastNet, the broken server should get fixed today.

I also removed a bunch of spam posts.

DO NOT POST HERE SAYING AN IP IS DOWN. This is spam, it will be reported, flagged and deleted, and the infraction will be marked against your forum profile.

To make a few things clear:

  • Your website is not hosted on This is the IP address of the FTP server, it doesn’t host any website.
  • Don’t post here just to say your website is not working. We know there is an ongoing outage. We’re working to get it resolved. You don’t need to write a post here to get your website fixed, it will get fixed as soon as possible regardless of whether, when or what you post.
  • If you have a good reason to report that your website is not working, always share the website URL. Saying “my websites are down” or “IP address X is down” doesn’t tell anyone anything. Not every issue is IP related, I don’t have the time to dig through everyone’s profiles to figure out which website could possibly be affected, and nobody else can do anything for you either.
  • POSTS IN VIOLATION WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING, AND YOUR FORUM ACCOUNT WILL BE PENALIZED. Outage topics are very busy. Please do your part to help keep it clean.

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