FTP: 530 Login authentication failed

Hello everyone, i have the same problem (@Admin as you said, no need to tell the IP’s bcs you guys can see every member IP and website and know when they’re down or not), but my website is not down.
I just simply can’t connect through the FileZilla (FTP), on two accounts of mine.

530 Login authentication failed
Error:	Critical error: Could not connect to server

I personally see no reason to suggest that. “Login authentication failed” hasn’t been a symptom of this outage at any point. And if your website works, then I really don’t think it’s related.

You never need to tell a website IP, anyone can just look that up. But if you have a dozen domains on three different accounts with multiple websites per domain, I’m not going to go through all of them just to find information we specifically ask you for in the template but you couldn’t be bothered to provide.

And “you guys” cannot see that. I can see it, but nobody else can. But other people can also help you, if you provide them the information necessary to do so.

So always include the website URL.

Did you check this article already to make sure it’s actually a hosting issue?


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