One of my account got blocked twice

Any one have an idea which functions or methods are allowed in this hosting for php. As few are not allowed can anyone share about that. I have tried phpinfo() but before upgrading to 8 i got full log but after that i’m getting php version with other details. which execution methods or functions are allowed

I have a problem mainly on creating a folder using mkdir() if directory is not is it available or enabled in this hosting

Most functions are allowed, but some are blocked for security reasons.

If you would like to know which functions are disabled, instead of using phpinfo(), you could instead do echo ini_get('disable_functions'). That won’t show all PHP information, but it will tell you the specific information you are looking for.

Please note some functions are listed as disabled but are still available to be used. Some functions are restricted, but not entirely blocked, which is done by disabling the core function and implementing a custom stub instead.

mkdir() is a supported function that should just work as you would expect. However, there are still reasons why it might not work, like if the directory already exists, the location is invalid, the parent directory does not exist or is not writable, etc.

If you can tell us more about the exact issue you’re having with creating directories, we can try to help you fix it.


Thanks for sharing information @Admin , i would like to use that function i have to test in our hosting, in my localhost i have tested. This is just to know before using it. As some times my account might get blocked by using some functions, before knowing that and got warned by someone saying this will be last time. But without knowing which are blocked in this hosting some times it get blocked by system and there won’t be any bad scripts in code too.

I’ll use this to know more about.

Hi Saikub,

You can refer to this reply for a complete list of disabled function.

mkdir() is not one of them.



Just to let you know, your account will not be suspended for using a certain function. If you’re not allowed to use a certain function, you will not be able to, but this won’t affect your account in general.

Most disabled functions are not used with malicious intent, and even if it was, if it’s disabled there is no chance of it causing harm.


Thanks for the information to all you.

Yes, one of my account got blocked twice. 1st time got blocked because of ftp uploading from from accounts page it wasn’t my fault but got blocked asked to activate my account they activated after some time i tried to upload again and got suspended. later on i used filezilla to upload file. and 2nd time(technically 3rd time) got suspended for a project file i was using and told me that it was not available and restricted on free account until this was good but they also warned and told me harder on if it repeats next time i’ll not activate your account. i was shocked.

the only reason why i’m asking this information.
Thanks for the support everyone.!!

I’m not sure what you are talking about, but accounts are never suspended for using the filemanager, or FTP. While you can be suspended for the content you upload, you can’t be suspended just for uploading files.


It happened due to high volume or something error on ftp there are around or more than 500 files i think so as it was a full project in it so many files and everything each file was less than 10mb. while uploading application got error and i was trying again and again. Something like overloaded servers ftp something so it was happened. :sweat: :grimacing: different experience

You know what just checked my another account got suspended but i didn’t uploaded or changed anything not even opened. i was working in my 2nd account. 1st account got suspended. bad luck to me

Just got information they no longer reactivate my account. i asked for details but not sharing anything just saying contents are not allowed. find another hosting provider. I didn’t updated or changed or uploaded any files or contents in to that account.

Hi saikub,

This is the part where account suspensions are sometimes problematic to the webmaster. However if you’re using WordPress, be sure to turn off commentary or at least have moderation settings on to avoid accidentally publishing violating content on the hosting account, which may results in something like this.

They won’t be able to tell if you allow these contents up there, they only knew it’s on them and the account belongs to you, and will presume you have the responsibility to maintain it when you had the time to. Unfortunately it’s industry standard.

Wrong info hidden

I believe suspended accounts will be deleted after some time, so you should be able to create new accounts once that’s deleted. As far as I know the limit as of writing is 3 hosting accounts with unlimited website counts.


Wrong. OP will be permanently banned


Hi KangJL,

Thanks for updating :+1:



Can you tell me What is OP, i couldn’t get that

I’m not using wordpress. only few static web projects. and it was uploaded around 2 to 3 months back and now they were suspended and saying, This type of content is not allowed on free hosting unfortunately.

OP = Original Poster which is you here.


That means I’ll banned from hosting :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: , But why I didn’t uploaded any illegal or banned content. not spammed or nothing they suspended my one of the account which was not even changed anything all files are month or 2 months ago and i’m working in 2nd account for another project. they not even activated my account as it was the 3rd time and first 2 times was even not my mistake. the bot or something was flagged me as files i’m uploading took server load. later on i started using ftp filezilla and there was a script with in that a line it was not support in this host and i removed after reactivating my account. all these wasn’t my fault though they were suspended without any mistake from my side. i took light.

Why i will be banned for this reason.

Although we wont be able to help or tell, can you share what is the content that you upload so we might be able to know more?

As for high server load, this is just unfortunate if your code does not take that much resource in the first place. Websites can suddenly be famous at one point or subject to ddos attacks. But from the perspective of hosting, especially free ones, they would not be able to carry such traffic if you didn’t pay for VPS, therefore results in a suspension. It won’t make sense on the consumer end, but it is making sense on the hosting side.


It’s ok if account is suspended but other accounts gets banned it wasn’t right. and

It just a movie database project where using imdb api it just show the details just like imdb top movies list. no banned content is using and you know what it was uploaded around 2 months ago now they were saying not supported. I don’t know why.