Not Able to log in

I generated this query but due to work I was not able to answer(and it was closed), but I tried everything from renaming plugins,themes to inserting this code in function.php(as said by many other sites)


so what should I do now? how to login?

Try from another browser.

same error
proving that there is no prob in browser ig

i am not able to do anything to my site… I am completely locked out pls help

one more thing google search console also sent a mail regarding some crawler issue in my site and validating it but havent reverted back since 4 days… So i am waiting for their mail also

Can this issue be realted to login issue?

It was closed because it was old.

The error on WP clearly shows that it is a cookie issue, so have you tried clearing your cookies?

Google cannot crawl past login pages, even when they are working, so most likely, that is unrelated. Google also usually give you a bit more detail than that when it encounters an error as well.

yes cleared it several times

any suggestion on what should i do now?

pasting console ss if it helps

is there any other way i can login or check the error which is causing this?


Have you tried this?

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busy rn, will try and tell

On which site do you experience this issue in the first place?

Thank you.

I see the same issue, and I think I know why.

When I check my browser, I see there are no (WordPress) cookies being set at all, which would explain the cookie error.

But when I check the login page response message, I should see a set-cookie header that tries to set the session/csrf cookie.

But what I see in the response is this:

set-cookie wordpress_test_cookie=WP%20Cookie%20check; path=/;; secure

As you can see, the cookie is being set for, not for, which is why the cookies don’t work.

I think that this is configured through the Site URL setting. You can change it like this:


thanks @Admin. There are 4 ways written, Is there any specific method you would suggest or all are equally fine?

My personal preference is the database route:


they asking to find wp_options but that is not visible in my database

everything is starting with wpwd




got it thanks

but its already correct

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