No more free email account?

Hi Admin,
There is no free email account for the free hosting account?

“Sorry due to spam issues email accounts are no longer supported, please consider uprading your account if this is required

Yes, the feature was disabled. The system was very limited to begin with, and has been quite broken more recently. A (definitely non-exhaustive) list of issues:

  • Only 10 MB of storage per account.
  • No IMAP, POP or SMTP. Only RoundCube webmail.
  • Forwarders which hardly ever came through (mostly due to inherent problems with email forwarding).
  • Emails not getting sent because of bad IP reputation.
  • Emails not arriving because of technical issues.
  • The mail server being down quite often for quite long periods of time.
  • Extremely strict sending restrictions, e.g. only 1 recipient per message.

The mail system is so broken that to call it a feature would reflect badly upon the website hosting itself, which has always been our main focus.


Thanks for confirming my suspicion. I am not sure why it is broken so frequently> technical issue or being abused, etc… However, it will be more effective if you can impose restrictions (as shown in the list) rather than blanket disabling of the feature. That is just my opinion to solve the problem. No comment on the technical issue as I appreciate the complexity to set up a proper email server.

I’m sorry, but the issues on the list are things which are ongoing issues with the email system. They are not hypothetical could-be’s or evils we can choose between.

We heavily restricted email sending, and still most messages were flagged as spam. We heavily restricted email storage and still couldn’t make the storage run reliably.

Imposing the restrictions shown is not the way to solve this problem. Those restrictions were already there, and have clearly proven that they do not sufficiently solve anything.


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