My site is accessible with www but not without www!

Username epiz_29082499

I am telling about forsaken hosting account .

So **I can access it with www in front ** (
but if I go to http :// , I can not access it .

I have been trying from yesterday to use the site but as the client area hyperlinks to I was unable to access my site . Then I tried website with “www” in front and it somehow worked . Why can’t I access it without www ?

(I change htaccess to redirect www to non www but as non www site do not work the site does not work . SO I deleted the htaccess file() I created ht access on htcocs)
Thank you for your kind answer .

Its accesible mate.

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Do you have any files in your htdocs folder?

Here is your website screenshot


  • Cache clear, incognito tab or fresh browser
  • Try with another network.
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Thank you so much for helping me out.
I’ve tried cache clear, incognito tab and another browser.
I’ve also tried from different isp and mobile data. Still, I can’t see the site without www.

Any idea, why?

Test with vpn

It works with vpn! Now, what to do to make this available in my region?

Although your site loads slower without the www, it does work both ways. If it works with a VPN, it may just be a manner of DNS. Try clearing your cache and checking your site after 24 hours have passes. Note that you also may be affected by the below issue.


Should I try this? Or leave it as it is for support team?

Try what? That is a notice telling you of ongoing issues, it is just something that you to wait to be fixed.

remove the domain name from your hosting account and then add it again.

The issue happened because your hosting account is new, and due to DNS caching/propagation it can take up to 72 hours for the site to be fully visible everywhere.

This is not a system issue, it’s not even something we have control over. Please see the yellow/orange banner in the client area for a link to more information.

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