My account keep suspending again and again for days

my email is : [email protected]

My account keep suspending for days and days again and again ,just immediately after it comes out from suspending,its suspended again. And i create tickets for that,but no one answer me from infinityfree support team.
I am ready angry :rage:

Somewhere, either in the cPanel or client area, it will tell you why you have been suspended. Please check both of those places.

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Im telling i not even open my wordpress at all,and when i want to use my account it suspended again not allows me to open my wp and suspend me again

Yes, you have already mentioned that. If you can share the reason you were suspended, that would be greatly appreciated. If you would not like to share it publicly, you may PM me.

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This topic from the documentation might help: I was just setting up my website, why was it suspended?

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Yes of course. It says that im using all i/o hit limit.
But my problem is ,that , it not guves me a chance to remove something from phpmyadmin at all.
It just go to suspending immediately after comes out from suspending

If you even have 5 minutes between a suspension lift and another suspension, you can go to your wp-admin and remove all of the plugins. Do you remember which plugins you had installed? If you do, post them here so we can hopefully tell you which ones caused your problem.

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Well that would explain why you are getting a support response. You can only create a ticket if you are permanently suspended. Temerity suspended accounts can only get support here.

Please read this, and follow @wackyblackie’s advice.


Happen to install any backup or caching plugin by any chance?
Likely reason for the suspension loop.


yep some plugins which have a lot of cron jobs could get you into a suspension loop even if nobodys visiting your site

thankyou for replying but it disent give me some time to make it correct and find the plugin and disable it

Looking at your usage and also the usage of @QuilterChic’s account described here, I suspect that something may be going wrong with the IO usage calculations, and the limits maybe are not being reset.

I’ve asked iFastNet to investigate.


My account is also suspended even I deactive the plugin.
Please help me check.
My email:
[email protected]
It keeps suspending so I can’t do anything.

Please don’t provide an email, but the account info like a URL instead.

did you find any solution. Im having the same exact problem

iFastNet has investigated the issue, and have concluded that there is no issue with the resource usage metrics, which means that your accounts were all suspended because you actually exceeded the IO limits of the account.

So to fix this, you’ll need to reduce your IO usage, or get more IO power by upgrading to premium hosting.


So dirty game

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no i think this is dirty politics of infinityfree to sell. they dont even respondnot in forum not even in tickets.

I’m right here, you know.

We run a free service. We have limits on that service. You may hit a limit if you use too much of it. Just because you hit the limit and you don’t understand why doesn’t mean doesn’t mean we’re cheating you.

Also, quoting what I said a week ago:

Do you really think we would suspend your accounts, lie to you about the reason, string you around with false hope to get you to upgrade? Do you really think that’s how a company gets happy, loyal customers?

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We do respond and we try our best, but also remember this is free hosting therefore, don’t expect 24/7 support.