Can't keep site live


I’m so fed up with Infinity Free. I can’t keep my site live for more that a couple of hours. I can’t even look at my analytics on the site because I can never catch it live to see if I really have legit traffic. I added cloudflare, and changed a bunch of settings, and kept it pretty much up and running for a while, but all of a sudden the last two weeks it gets suspended every day. Most common problem is I/O usage.
If anyone has any ideas, other than the paid hosting, please let me know.

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This could be because of a DDOS attack, or it could be that the things you installed are using up a lot of resources.

Can you send us a picture of the statistics from the I/O usage if possible?


Yeah, that’s what I got told before, so I totally slimmed down the site and set up Cloudflare for the DDOS attacks. Here is the photo:

Yeah, it looks like you hit the I/O graph hard on one of those days.

I would recommend waiting for admin to show up, as he has better accessibility to your stats than I do, so he can probably help you out there.

Either you had a huge spike in popularity, or something went wrong/you had a DDOS attack.


It’s been doing it for 2 weeks every day, though. Hopefully an admin will answer.

And thank you!

Do you use WordPress? If so, what plug-ins and themes do you have installed? Also, if you look at the forum, there have been some issues.

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The most common reason for high IO usage is backup plugins. Those plugins work by collecting and storing a copy of your entire website, which puts a lot of stress on the storage, hence the high IO usage.

And what do you know: you have Updraft enabled on your site.

Please disable that plugin and any other plugins which make backups or otherwise read and write a lot of data, and check if that helps with IO usage.

EDIT: There may also be a system issue related to this, I wrote about that here:

It doesn’t change the fact that Updraft and other backup plugins generate high IO usage.


But I changed all of that and it has been running smoothly ever since… until about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t changed a thing! What would be the difference?

Yes, when you looked at the IO usage calculations before it was wrong, and it improved dramatically after that. Is this happening again?

No, your WordPress plugins contributed to that graph. Remove the unnecessary plugins and themes first.

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Remember that applications can suddenly multiply usage, such that there might be a memory leak or it is using more usage based off of it’s previous usage (e.g: a program copies all the files in the directory. Then it proceeds to do it again. It now copies those copies and the next time it copies the files it copies both of those copies of the copies and so on. Confusing, I know).

This will dramatically (and sometimes exponentially) increase your resource usage.


Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense. Again, though, how do I ever find it live long enough to work on it? Today’s went live at 3:26 pm and suspended at 4:08.

If you want, you can temporary remove the domain from your website (Using the control panel), make the changes, than add it back. Note that if you remove the domain, you will have to make all the changes from the backed (FTP or MySQL) as the actual website will not be available.


That sounds hard and well over my abilities. I am just dead in the water everything I try to do, because I can’t ever get it live.

Yeah, I think I give up. I can’t seem to even get anything to work in the 30-minute window I have before it shuts down again.

Do this.

  1. Remove the domain from the control panel while the site is un-suspended.
  2. Enter your FTP software and login to your account (Online file manager or FileZilla, either will work).
  3. Open your plugins folder, and delete everything inside it.
  4. Open your themes folder, and deleted every theme you are not using.
  5. Wait 72 hours (Set a reminder or timer), then add the domain back in the control panel.

Since you have a custom domain, you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen by someone else.

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Thank you. I will try this.

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I can’t find where to remove the domain from the control panel. Help?