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If I have full SSL through Cloudflare, why does my site show an SSL error? I had a certificate from Infinity Free that expired, but it should be covered in Cloudflare, shouldn’t it? I also tried renewing through IF, but can’t. Maybe that’s because my site is never live. (See: Can't keep site live - #3 by QuilterChic)


for full on CF

you need to install this certificate here

only if you are on flex

please read this document


Thanks for the info. The article is great. Now if I could only solve my “can’t keep site live” problem, maybe I could fix the SSL.

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try switching from full to flex right now on CF.

And later when you do the part with the self sig. certificate then switch to full

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Thanks! I did think of that, and it did solve the SSL problem temporarily. I have the self sig. cert, when I can install it. Thank you for your help!

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ok - I see it leads to a suspended page

but that is another problem

good luck

Yes, that’s my main problem right now. ( Can’t keep site live - #3 by QuilterChic

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I did everything your article said to do to add a self-sig SSL cert, and I still got an SSL error page when I tried to load. When I had the certificate installed and the cloudflare set to full, I got the error page. When I had “flex” selected the site wouldn’t load at all. Of course, I had to try and do everything in the 30-minute window I am currently dealing with. Any thoughts?

I forgot to say that on an SSL checker, it shows everything working fine…

Make sure you are clearing your cache then. Certificate data can be stored.

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