My account is suspended i don't know why please help

Why suspended my account I didn’t do anything I just post articles daily that’s why? or something else that I am unaware of? Kindly reactive my account and tell me the reason for suspending it. I haven’t violated your policies or anything else so kindly please reactive my accounts ASAP. You can check if i have done something wrong. My website progress is getting down please help me this my second msg to you INFINITYFREE TEAM


The client area tells you what you were suspended for. Can you inform us of the reason? Also, when you create a topic, it is important that you follow the template. Please also provide your epiz_xxxx username.



Thanks for replying Sir I am getting this error message in my infinity-free dashboard.

I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know why my website got suspended I have complied with all your policies but still get suspended please help me.

And here is my username: epiz_31263583

You need to create an support ticket to get your account reactivated.
Nobody can help you on the forum.

For more info:


How to create a support ticket?

And as I mentioned I didn’t abuse anyone or didn’t comply with any policies they can check.

You can also reply to the ticket you already sent. That works as well.


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