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I’ve got my account suspended and they told me the reason. But since it’s suspended, I cannot access the account to delete the files and when I ask them to delete the file, they always send the same unhelpful replies. See the screenshot.

Account: epiz_31959524

The last one

Your account will not be reactivated because you blatantly disobeyed the Terms of Service.
When using any service, please read the Terms carefully.



Because you violated the rules, you are no longer allowed to host your website here. In order to help ensure that you will not just create a new account, it is locked from future use for about 60 days, and all its content is deleted.

Plus, is your responsibility to have a backup of your website. Even when using a paid hosting provider, you never know when corruption will occur.

Lastly, don’t hijack others topics.


So, what is the purpose of appealing the suspension if they are going to delete it after all and I was adding to the topics (as it is on the same subject: suspension of account). What you gonna do, suspend me more?!

Sometimes the suspensions are incorrect since the majority of websites are suspended automatically by the system.

If you do something we really don’t like, you can be permanently suspended, and never be able to host here again.


Where exactly? In your screenshots, I only see that you demand them to delete the account.

In your screenshot, you only say DELETE ACCOUNT. And as we clearly state everywhere: accounts are deleted automatically, and cannot be deleted earlier on requests.


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