Mx records not working


Error Message

Hi, i am hosting a domain
And offcause my email not working, my provider can’t see an MX record, i’ve been added in
control pannel.
For information
At CloudFlare everything were working until i’ve pointed DNS servers to epizy
My MX records must be pointed to 10 and SPF spf mail ru must be added.

Other Information

How can i make working togethe epizy with Cloudflare?
in control pannel it’s does not work

CLOUDFLARE ERROR :An error occured creating a cloudflare user for you, the error was
The unique_id ‘epiz_28558818’ has already been assigned to a different user. why? and how to fix?

I am already using a custom domain

I’ve done a suetup of my domain at CF littlestar-rg ru by importing dns from epizy.

Your MX records already are pointed to
You can check that here;
DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

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Thank you, my friend, i’ve seen this link, but my mail hoster not see it.
try this

May be you advice me how to configure CloudFlare to working with Infinite?
My soulution was to point registrar DNS → Cloudflare → epizy , but this now working correctly…
Now i’ve deleted A record on CF and putted two NS records instead pointing to epizy.
Until that MX records was on CF and working the best, but it was a problem with my site…
Now MX records not appear… i have no idea what to do…

Nice totorial about CF, let’s try! I will follow it, and take a look after 72h…


Why i am getting old domain instead mine?

Hi, Alex, that solution not working for me, how to point CloudFlare to infinityfree not to byethost? I guess infinityfree and Byethost using the same network solution form the iFastnet. I’ve setup A records on the CloudFlare pannel pointing to IP from infinityfree account and also added to recors NS pointiong to epizy DNS, but i getting Byethost answer from my custom domain. Whats i am doing wrong? And what i’ve to do?
Everything working fine if my registar DNS pointing to the epizy first, excluding the mail which MX records not working on the epizy, only on the CloudFlare. So, it’s looks like a closed circle.
May be anyone have a solution to add any DNS records to CloudFlre for epizy reconize my A record pointing to correct custom domain hosted by infinityfree?

Can you post a screenshot of the DNS settings in your Cloudflare?
Did you put the correct IP Address of your account?

You don’t need NS records. You just need an “A record” pointing to InfinityFree’s IP address.


Hi and here screenshot of InfinityFree’s app pannel

If the IP address is correct, everything seems fine except for those “NS records”.
I don’t actually know if they do anything, but I know that you don’t need them.
I don’t have them and both my domain and subdomains are working fine.


As @alexvf said, I suspect the the NS records might cause the problem here.
How about you remove them first?

For a bit of clarification, the “ns*” is the Name Server, that you should put only in your domain registra (the company where you bought your domain) dashboard.

They are same as “” or “” or whatever CloudFlare assigned to you.

So you don’t have to put them (ns* into the DNS Management in CloudFlare.


I’ve readed this on CF Forum
NS stands for ‘nameserver,’ and the nameserver record indicates which DNS server is authoritative for that domain (i.e. which server contains the actual DNS records. Basically, NS records tell the Internet where to go to find out a domain’s IP address. A domain often has multiple NS records which can indicate primary and backup nameservers for that domain.
And i guess it would be usefull to point to my domain, because, NS epizy knows where my domain sould be… what you think?

Now it seems to workinп ok, cause 24h left. NS recors is solution for this case. Because, NS from epizy well knows where is my server actually located on their private network.

You exactly right! My regisra is pointing to the Cloudflare NS servers. A suggest, my problem was, then not enought time left sins i pointed regisra DNS servers to CF.

Glad to know that it’s working again.

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