Missing / Deleted Files, Error 403/404, FTP 421 Home directory not available

This case is closed on our end, so I’m closing this topic.

To learn what the issue was, please see the initial message:

To learn what actually happened, please see this post:

And the final situation is described here:

Yes, we are aware that the files of some accounts have disappeared. Unfortunately, those files were the victim of storage corruption and they were lost. Despite our best efforts to recover what we could, not all data could be recovered and has been lost permanently.

If your account was affected by this, we’re terribly sorry for what happened to your files. However, please understand that there is nothing we can do to retrieve your data, and you will have to re-upload and/or restore the files yourself.

Please do not submit any more messages asking for your files to be returned. The files were lost and we don’t have them anymore.