Missing / Deleted Files, Error 403/404, FTP 421 Home directory not available

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Oh, wait, I have a follow-up. Static websites work fine on this group of servers, but dynamic websites (those who rely on PHP) are the problem: they get redirected to the default 404 page instead of the FastCGI 403 there was before. Maybe they’re working on updating PHP on those servers? I don’t know. Let’s hope so though…


The current situation as far as I can tell right now:

The affected website IPs are up, and most sites on them seem to be working. Some sites are still down, showing 404 errors on the website and “421 Home directory not available”. Usually this would indicate a problem with the hosting volume, but other sites on the same hosting volume are working, so it’s not entirely clear what’s the deciding factor there.

Meanwhile, I have not received any clear information from iFastNet yet regarding what is happening here exactly. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I know more.


I have an update from iFastNet about the situation.

The hardware on which these servers run suffered a file system corruption problem. iFastNet has worked hard to repair it and recover as much data as possible. Unfortunately, some data was permanently lost and could not be recovered. Accounts experiencing the 404 and FTP home directory errors have all lost their files.

Later today they plan to recreate the missing directories so it’s possible to login to FTP again.

We’re all sorry for the inconvenience caused.

This only affects website files. Everything else, including databases, are unaffected by this, and can be used to rebuild the site if necessary.


Hi, my site is on …215 (www.roemish.com) and it is still bown for the count. Is there any way to just skill the data rebuild process and just re-upload our site’s page content? I would gladly suffer the loss and reupload my data. There no reason to try and recover it.

Of course! Just create a new hosting account and you should be placed on a server that is operating correctly.


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Like I wrote in my previous post:

FTP access should now be restored for all accounts. The accounts that did not have FTP access earlier today will see that their files have been removed.

This is the result of the file system corruption. Unfortunately, the files of your account were lost because of this, despite our best efforts to recover them.

Everything else on your account, including (very important) your databases, are not affected.

We terribly regret that this has happened, but sadly there is no way we can recover your files.

Please do not send any more messages about this. As much as we wish things were different, there is nothing we can do for you.

As this is still an outage topic, please follow the outage communication rules. As always, posts in violation will be deleted without warning.


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As of August 19 at 16:30 UTC it appears that the Control Panel is intermittently unavailable. Also, FTP may be down, I have not checked.


My website is working again

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Website is still not working. I get a 404 error on the site while i uploaded all the files, it doesn’t make any sense

Can I change the IP? for one that doesn’t have a problem?

As Greenreader9 suggested, you should create a new hosting account.


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This case is closed on our end, so I’m closing this topic.

To learn what the issue was, please see the initial message:

To learn what actually happened, please see this post:

And the final situation is described here:

Yes, we are aware that the files of some accounts have disappeared. Unfortunately, those files were the victim of storage corruption and they were lost. Despite our best efforts to recover what we could, not all data could be recovered and has been lost permanently.

If your account was affected by this, we’re terribly sorry for what happened to your files. However, please understand that there is nothing we can do to retrieve your data, and you will have to re-upload and/or restore the files yourself.

Please do not submit any more messages asking for your files to be returned. The files were lost and we don’t have them anymore.