I need my dns records of infinityfree host

My domain https://infokeeda.xyz
I need my dns zone records from infinityfrew host. I cant add cnames in my cloudfare of www or @ value… Says already cname recorded. But it doesn’t show me cname records. If infinity free added any cname from their end. I need the recors.

This is what I see

Please do this

Then add domain to hosting account.
If you cannot do that you cannot host with us then


Sorry i typed wrong domain heres the correct

Since you are using CloudFlare, did you follow this guide?


Now I have deleted cloudfare. I need the dns records copy of infinity free host for my domain infokeeda.xyz i am going to use ezoic. There I got some problems that’s why they are asking to me get the dns records from my host.

This will not work on free hosting.
Read this thread

The Cloudflare guide is still a good place to start. The same records you would need to add to Cloudflare are also the records you’d need to add to any other DNS provider you want to use.

But as @KangJL said, some people reported issues with using Ezoic with our hosting, so be prepared that it may not work.

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