How to set MX records on your domain

If you want to receive email on your domain name, you’ll need to configure MX records on it. MX are a type of DNS records that tell other email providers which mail server should receive email for your domain.

InfinityFree does not provide email services, but you can use almost any other email provider to receive email on your domain hosted with us.

For this guide, we will make use of ImprovMX, a free email forwarding service, but the instructions are similar for most other email providers.

Check the MX Records that should be added

The first thing to figure out is to check with MX records you need to use. For ImprovMX, you can find these details by clicking the gear icon next to your domain, and go to DNS Settings.

These settings look like this:

As you can see, for ImprovMX we need to set up two MX records.

Remove any current MX Records

Next, we’ll login to the InfinityFree control panel, and go to the MX Records section.

Before we can add the new MX records, we should first delete the MX records that are currently there for the same domain.

As you can see, there is one MX record present for our domain “”. This MX record should be removed.

There is also one record for the domain “”. This is our account’s main domain. This record cannot be deleted, but it doesn’t matter.

Add the new MX Records

Now it’s time to add the new records for ImprovMX.

For each MX record that the email providers tells you to add, add a new MX record like this. Select the right domain name from the list, enter the MX record value from the provider and enter the correct priority.

Note that the MX Record field in the control panel must not end with a period. So if the email provider writes their MX record value with a period at the end (like ImprovMX does), simply remove it from the value.

Then simply repeat these steps for each MX record.

When you’re done, the MX records table in the control panel should look something like this:

Note that changing the MX records for your domain name is a DNS change. DNS changes are affected by DNS caching, meaning it can take up to 72 hours for the changes to start working everywhere.

Verifying your MX records

After configuring your MX records, you need to verify the rest of the internet knows where to deliver your email as well.

You can check which MX records are currently configured for your website using a DNS lookup tool like DnsChecker. Enter your domain name in the MX Lookup tool.

If the MX records shown do not match what’s in your control panel, please check:

  • Has the DNS fully propagated? DNS changes (including MX records changes) can take a few hours to take effect.
  • Does your domain use InfinityFree nameservers? If you are using third party nameservers, like Cloudflare, you must configure your MX records through the DNS management area of your DNS provider.

The MX record is correct but you cannot send email

The MX records of a domain only affect the ability to receive email and do not affect the ability to send email. If you are unable to send email, it cannot be caused by bad MX records.


The Cloudflare integration has since been removed.

E-mail on free hosting is deprecated and will not show this message.
See reply below:


Some accounts created a long time ago may still show the message in the client area.