How to redirect subdomain

Hi, I want to redirect a sub domain to my game server ip.
The normal redirect option in cpanel is throwing a no access errror.
How to do it via cname since its the only dns options i see?
Can i do it via htaccess?

Take note free hosting is meant for website hosting.
What you are doing may be against TOS

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It seems that you may wish to set an A record. You can do that via Cloudflare:

Cloudflare will allow you to continue hosting your website here, and manage your domain’s DNS records so you can have subdomains pointing to different IPs.


To Kang. That is highly doubtful as this is type of redirect is using no resources whatsoever.
You can achieve it with just a domain and a DNS record. Actually connecting my domain to the website is now forcing me to use sub-domain. If you know of a secret way to make this work by another methods i`m all ears.

To Chris. Is there no simpler way than using CloudFlare? Is the redirect option in cpanel acting like this in general (throwing no access error) or just mine has an issue?
Witch such a little usage of either the website and game server its pretty much an overkill to connect them through cloudflare.

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Sounds like CORS restriction policy in place

See this thread

What @ChrisPAR suggested is valid.

Well, you may never know. I believe CloudFlare does provide DDOS protection

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So I`ve tried
Add CNAME Record
Record Name Domain Destination
www etc
So basically my questions is what should be the correct CNAME Record that works with this hosting.

p.s. The error is weird since the original option is there to begin with.
You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.

There is nothing to ddos it is a redirection on domain level. Correct me if i`m wrong. The game server is rented and supposedly has protection.
Who would be so crazy to ddos 0 visitors website?

I cannot help you since what you provided is a placeholder.
So read the thread I provided.

If you need more help, you need to provide more info

Thanks, solved by the method mentioned.
Get the reverse DNS hostname , use: CNAME - - reversed domain name


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