How infinityfree hided SEO tools and Site Builder in vPanel?

Hi there.
I own a hosting company on mofh and i want to remove the SEO tools and Site Builder in vpanel cuz they are very old.

Pls can you share the code?


Its just using JS through the use of the Ad Code section. Technically you can still access the site builder & SEO Tools tho.


What code?
Can you please share it?

I can’t remember what it is by memory, but all you have to do is hide the element for the icon/button.


I am using a custom theme

Remember, we are here to guide you along the way, not give you the code. If I have time, I can search for it later, but it seems pretty easy to use google to find a way to use JS to hide elements.


Go onto cPanel, find the id of the button and use the JS document.getElementById to hide the element.

But like @Greenreader9 said, we are not here to give you code.

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This one should work.
Just place it in the top advert textarea:

Code removed because of property rights.

The panel is highly cached so, if you want to test it afterwards, open the the client vpanel using an incognito/anonymous tab.


Works,thank you so much. :grin:

Also is there any way to modify the File Manager link?
I purchased the premium lifetime monsta ftp and i specially purchased it for my company.

And how do i add an option in the dropdown menu?

Also i have a custom phpmyadmin and i want to change the old url to my own phpmyadmin url.

Using a custom phpMyAdmin will not work as databases only accept connections from their given sites.

But what about the file explorer?
I specially purchased the premium plan for my hosting.Refunds are not available

What do you mean? Where did you buy it from? Like @TigerMANEK426 said, I think the premium only works for the account/site/host you bought it for, not anywhere else.

Monsta FTP Host Edition.

I installed it and works fine.
Now i just have to change the url from to

You can use the filenanager without issues, but you cannot use your own phpMyAdmin.

Ik but i have to change the url in vPanel from to

Whats the code?

Replace the script I gave you before, with this one.
Don’t forget to change in line 23 of this script.

Code removed because of property rights.
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Thanks :grin: but it should auto-login

Example: Monsta FTP"

This part of your URL decodes to invalid JSON data:

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