ItsGamingTube rant topic

I think your a bit confused. I suppose I can relate to you when I first used InfinityFree but my experiences have taught me lessons.

Unless the hosting provider has billions of money, nobody gives free cPanel hosting :joy:
Take a look at the finances:


This is for one server by the way.


and then there goes the server pricing as well… so free cPanel hosting certainly is a huge dream.

:+1: Yep, your right. Mind that it also doesn’t have a community forum that helps users (and definitely not one that helps users like you setup their own hosting)

To be fair, I think it’s more as to which way your looking at it. I can probably see why your saying this from a client’s view (the system issues, downtimes and errors) but then there is always the management’s view (which is iFastNet).

They don’t say Hey, let’s give our clients some system issues today! There’s a lot more behind the scenes to that. They upgrade and maintain the free servers we use even though they won’t gain anything. They have also spent a huge amount of time developing/editing their VistaPanel and then their suspension scripts etc. So it’s unfair to say if it sucks because they spend a lot of time and money to provide free hosting, which as I said earlier, costs a lot so you shouldn’t expect it to be perfect.

The simple solution is, if you don’t know how much effort goes into something then don’t comment.