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iFastNet sucks guys

Stop, it is a very good hosting service don’t write this


Please Stop

If you want to leave a bad review, do it on TrustPilot, don’t do it in a System Issues topic.


You will also get suspended for no reason and YOU know that INFINITYFREE is lying to us?
They always said that the problem will be fixed but THEY HAVE NO CONTROL over the servers so wtf.

Just get a FREE web hosting with a real cPanel,Emails,Softaculuos,SSH access,better file manager,etc.

So don’t waste your time here.

Do you have any suggestions for free hosting better than this? I’m all ears.

That doesn’t answer my question :joy:


Can be an error, but I don’t thing if it’s done voluntarily, read this ceck your client area

And that ^ that can happen with any hosting provider. Any hosting platform is going to enforce limits; they have to to prevent server abuse.


I have a free website in infinity free, and he works great


I moved to Hosticy and i’m fine with it.
Free,true cPanel,emails,everything i need.

On InfinityFree i wasted my time with shits.

You can do what you want.
If you like infinityfree stay here.I don’t force anyone to move his hosting but i am just saying that InfinityFree is not very good for me

I like the clientarea,other hosting services like ProFreeHost doesn’t have a clientarea and FREE ssl


For a long time I had a massive website on here and it didn’t get suspended :slight_smile:

but then tbf i think i got round a lot of the limits

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So please can you stop saying this on InfinityFree forum? Thanks!


Nice Advertisement bro.


Just throwing around insults about our supplier isn’t helpful for the discussion.

How are we lying when we say the issue will be fixed? The issue will be fixed. It’s a 100% true statement. We don’t say that WE will (or even can) fix it. Because we don’t. In all system outage notices I always say that iFastNet is working on it.

We don’t openly say “we can’t fix it” because that’s too easily mistaken for “this cannot be fixed”, which is not true.

That’s With a website which uses an off the shelf MyOwnFreeHost frontend? And a domain which is registered as a reseller account on the platform?

If so, it doesn’t have true cPanel, it doesn’t have email, and it’s suffering from the exact same issues as we’re all suffering from right now. is basically the same hosting as what we provide. Just with less effort put into it.

Also, isn’t Hosticy your own brand?



This sounds like a forceful self-promotion.


uh mate, thats still IFN :expressionless: