How infinityfree hided SEO tools and Site Builder in vPanel?

I modified some letters because if it worked you would be able to login into my ftp

Well you still revealed the password so I suggest you edit your post.

So what code is needed for this?

It modified the url but it doesn’t auto-login with the FTP details.

Im not sure why it doesn’t auto login. I can’t remember if there are settings or not. If there is, please check them to see if there is an option to enable auto-login.

Please remember that the VistaPanel platform, the InfinityFree client area and any modifications/enhancements we made to the platform are proprietary software which are owned by InfinityFree or iFastNet.

The fact that the code can be viewed does not mean you’re free to copy it and use it yourself. We own it. We do not license this code to anyone else. Copying the file and using it yourself is copyright infringement, which is illegal.

We can’t stop you from looking at the code and seeing how it works. But using our code as-is is a crime.


So i can’t use the code?

How can i get the perms to use it?

Well you can, but is is illegal.

Well, I doubt you can, but Admin said iFastNet owns it, so you ask them.

What to do?

I have no clue what you mean by this, please elaborate.

I don’t know to what code @Admin is referring to.
I found the one I gave you in a iFastNet forums post. It wasn’t exactly like that because the other one did more stuff. I removed what was not needed.

I don’t know if the author wrote that code or stole it from somewhere else. He didn’t mention a thing about that.

If I knew that this code was stolen, I would never have posted it here. But I don’t even know if @admin is talking about this code.

@Admin, if this code was stolen from InfinityFree, please let me know so I can remove my posts from this topic and report the post where I found it, in iFastNet forums.


You can’t. It’s my property, not yours.

I recognize the code because it’s my code. I created it. I own it. Anyone who copies and shares the code is stealing my property.

So please do remove the code here and let me know where you found it so I can get it taken down.


Is the vPanel to cPanel customizations legal? (check github to see the code)

I already removed it from my posts in this topic and sent you an email with the link to the post I found it in.
I tried sending a private message from here but it doesn’t seem to be possible.

ItsGamingTube, can you please remove the code from the post where you quoted the code I pasted in this topic?


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@alexvf THX - I did it and hid it further (because when you do the deletion then a “revision” can be seen).


Thx a lot, OxyDac. :+1:

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Ok but is the vPanel to cPanel legal?

It uses a code that removes and edit blocks in vPanel.


If you wrote the code or someone else wrote it and offered it for free, it’s fine to use it (as long as it complies with iFastNet ToS).
If you are using stolen code, by you or anyone else, for which you didn’t get permission to use, you can’t use it.


@Admin Is this code legal?


// Made by Hans Adema[]

// Edited for use by Soundar[FatGrizzly (Soundarahari Parthiban) · GitHub]

It does not seem to, and I guess Soundar did it without being aware of copyright, I contacted him on somewhere else as he’s no more on forums.