How can i make free business email on infinityfree subdomains

Hello There
How can i make free business email on infinityfree subdomains and if infinityfree does not gives free email services then what other third party websites offer business email services with free subdomains please help me out in this condition


Please get a custom domain. More info below


so does that mean i cant create business email with zoho

with free sub domains of infinityfree

It may be possible:

Try using CNAME validation first, and if that fails, try the method mentioned there (no guarantees that it will work though).


I believe you can use ImprovMX with free subdomains. It’s only email forwarding, so you’ll need an email account to receive the messages. But with the right configuration, you can send and receive email on your domain with a Gmail account behind it.


I Tried using this free subdomains with zoho but it didnt work in all options such as txt Cname record and html file
so can you tell me another website with whom i get free business email services

do i need to create business email first in order to use email forwarding cause i think we need 2 emails neccesary for email forwarding

your help is appreciated but i need to create business email asap and i currently cant afford to buy new domain
so can you please give me more information or share other ways to create business email with these subdomains

If you read what I had posted, you would have known these domains are free


I got Zoho working with email. But, it only works on the main domain you set up with InfinityFree (e.g. your free subdomain is hosted under htdocs). It doesn’t seem to work with domains added as a subdomain in Control Panel onto another free account.

You can verify your domain, add the MX records and even the SPF records. Once these are in place you can use the Zoho Desktop app (or zoho mail site) to send and receive emails. However, also wants you to set up DKIM records which you cannot do via InfinityFree hosting. Every time you log into Zoho Mail Admin it gives you a warning about setting up DKIM. I was able to send email from my subdomain (using Zoho mail) to Gmail and ProtonMail accounts. Sending and receiving both worked. But, when I attempted to send to a Hotmail address, it was blocked (possibly because I never set up DKIM).

The solution that Admin gave (ImprovMX) seems like a much better way to go. I am switching my domains to use it now. They even have an option to be able to send via Google SMTP as described here:

TL;DR - Zoho mail is limited. ImprovMX is the way to go.


can you please explain in brief

do i need to create business email first in order to use email forwarding cause i think we need 2 emails neccesary for email forwarding

The way that ImprovMX works is that they function as a “middleman” to forward your emails. You set your domain up pointing the MX records to them. All email sent to your domain goes through ImprovMX and then forwards to a 3rd party SMTP account (e.g. Gmail). Using that link I gave above you can even set it up so that you can send from Gmail using an alias (e.g. [email protected]). This way the mail looks like it is coming from your domain. But, it’s actually going out from Gmail using ImprovMX settings. I’m going to set this up as soon as I get my domain working again.

So, ImprovMX allows you to send / receive email (via Gmail) and make it look like it’s coming from your free subdomain.


perfect and satisfactory explanation given but does it has mx records and txt records and everything what every professional business email panel has in improvmx
and if it has then i can make free business email on improvmx

You can find the info you need here


There is also a community guide:


Good to know. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have one question coming after reading that improvmx guide Is that when doing DNS Configuration we have to setup our MX records and txt records and we can setup MX records but we cant setup txt records as txt record is not available in infinityfree

you want to verify your subdomain to zoho with text dns?
i randomly use SPF as txt record and im not know how but it works :joy:
i think SPF work as txt
but html file is best and fast for verify IF you didnt install ssl