How can i make free business email on infinityfree subdomains

yeah and my case is i installed ssl certificate so which option or method i should follow for verification with zoho mail

Please read the community guide. Community guides are written by people that specifically say how to combine the services with InfinityFree hosting. So if you’re wondering if/how something can be used with InfintiyFree: read the guide, it tells you exactly that.

You can use the SPF Records feature for this.


Okay now i have configured DNS Settings of Improvmx for email forwarding
but it is still showing text in wriiten in red colour as " [Email forwarding needs setup]
so can anyone helpmeout

Hello can you please helpmeout for verification process for zoho mail as by clearing my 2 doubts given below

  1. if i have ssl certificate ON on my domain then what problem i will face in zoho verification process
  2. can you tell me with which doman you have registered on zoho mail is it custom domain or subdomain
    as i have subdomain

sorry i was runout of replys
but i message you
so i copy my message here
so you can import txt DNS for verify in zoho
i check my domain with zoho itself tools

that entry in photo is my SPF record
and its work as TXT
so you can import zoho verify TXT code as SPF in your panel
good luck

i sending a message and i hope you check it

  1. you can verify with dns on zoho with ssl , the problem is if you want to use html to verify your domain should support http , but in my case i make my whole domain traffic goes through https so zoho bot don’t support https for verify
  2. i use infinity free subdomain (
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Thanks for helping me out and i verified my subdomain successfully on zoho mail and

now i have a problem when i have to configure DKIM in txt record im pasting that DKIM value in Spf record but when i click on add an error message comes as "Illegal characters in record part DKIM Value so how can i add that value in spf for DKIM confg

You cannot set up DKIM records with InfinityFree DNS. It only allows MX and SPF records.

Unless you manage your own DNS somewhere else (besides InfinityFree) you won’t be able to do it.

I switched all my stuff over to ImprovMX using Gmail and it’s working great.


Thanks for info **but im getting an error when im adding that DKIM value as illegal characters in record such as # or $ etc **
and if i make any change in that value or remove those illegal characters then the whole value will be changed
so what i can do now to add value without illegal characters

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I’m telling you – it can’t be done. I’ve tried it 10 different ways. So have other people. You can’t set up DKIM records on InfinityFree DNS. It’s just that simple. It doesn’t matter what characters you type. You can’t create a valid DKIM record:

“Unlike most DNS TXT records, DKIM records are stored under a specialized name, not just the name of the domain. DKIM record names follow this format:”


:point_up_2: This is the part that you can’t set up.


I Have problem arising in setting DKIM Value/destination as v=: k=***** :p=***
so do you have any tip to add DKIM successfully for this part

It cannot be done for free subdomain


The answer is: you can’t set up valid DKIM records

It doesn’t matter what the values are. The problem is that your host is listed as “” not “”. You cannot change this value. Thus, you can’t set up a valid DKIM record in DNS. You cannot use the default “host” value for DKIM record the way you do for other TXT records. The host values for DKIM records are in a very specific format which you cannot do with InfinityFree DNS.


so if we take domainkey in consideration then no can setup DKIM Records as domainkey part is not present in everyones domain/subdomain

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Other services allow you to add DKIM records to your DNS.

InfinityFree does not.

Unless you can add a TXT record with the host listed as "” then it will not work.

Your options are:

  1. Use another email forwarding service like ImprovMX
  2. Use different DNS servers like CloudFlare (only works on custom domain)
  3. Upgrade to Premium hosting and then you can have more control over your DNS settings


You can just ignore the DKIM warning in Zoho. As long as you have MX and SPF records set up you can send / receive email. They will keep bugging you about setting up DKIM but you can ignore it. The problem with this is that some domains will block your emails because you don’t have DKIM set up (e.g. Hotmail). But, I was able to send / receive email without DKIM records through Zoho. I just think that ImprovMX is a much better solution now.

Thanks for your amazing info and with everyones help i was able to create business email on Improvmx and my email is running smoothly but only problem is messages get delivered late in our gmail and on other hand im still trying to create business email with zoho

can you please tell me details about your business email i mean with which service provider you are connected zoho or improvmx or other and also is your domain a subdomain or custom domain


Hello There
I created my business email with zoho by completing all mentioned process but only problem is i cant setup DKIM config in my cpanel so what you did for DKIM Configuration please share

Please read


Hi. I switched to ImprovMX using this guide and it works with my free subdomain. My email is [email protected] and it forwards to my Gmail account.

I have also set up an alias in Gmail so when I compose a new message I can select who the “From” email is. My choices are either my Gmail address or my address.

But all sending and receiving is done via Gmail.

The InfinityFree account I am using is a free subdomain but it is the only one on my InfinityFree account (e.g. it’s not another subdomain of my free account).


So whose email services are best Zoho or Improvmx in terms of sending and receiving emails and not go into recipent spam folder etc based on your experience

When I used Zoho a lot of my messages were blocked because of the DKIM thing. I would have to say that ImprovMX is the way to go.