Hey u admin why the hell are you deleting my topics

Why the hell ahh ?
Why don’t have hands to type reply ??

Reply to you for what exactly?

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About your boss

I shall complain about your behaviour

Everyone knows InfinityFree uses MOFH. No problem with that.

First learn to be able to handle others’ complaints about yourself.


This is a community forum, not a free spamming site. He probably deleted them because of your wording of the problem, like off-topic responses, inappropriate behaviour, or duplicate posts. I don’t think there is any forum anywhere that allows this to happen. I have been in stricter places with stricter rules and stricter consequences. Guess what? I followed them.

Admin is a nice guy and he only wants to help us. Sometimes though, there are things he just can’t help with.

Your site is suspended going over a limit? It’s a free hosting site man, free. There is never such thing as unlimited data because then you would need unlimited material, which goes against the laws of physics. There is only so much space on earth available to be converted into server farms, and only so much money.

Just don’t like the site or forum in general?

Just leave!

Look I’m trying to help you here. I’m only 1 year into programming but I’m still useful. Just give us the errors or possible causes of your problem and we will try our best to help you out.

Spamming posts takes away the time and effort needed to help others get their questions answered.

It’s not a one way thing, Infinityfree wasn’t created just for you, but for everyone who needs a good startup hosting service.


I removed them not admin. I don’t like to remove someone’s posts for no reason unless I’ve told it already and they’re ignoring.

And are you writing that much for a troll?


Oh wait you can remove posts?


Why not write?

I’m a good writer, might as well attempt to change someone’s POV.


Why write exactly?


Dont worry people,
Admin is here to help! :smiley:

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I’ve been going at this for a few years, and the first thing to note is that sometimes writing a post and defending your actions is a waste of time.

Some people have a bad experience and hate InfinityFree and possibly hate me. I don’t want this to happen of course if I can help it, but sometimes this happens and sometimes people feel this way. Most people go quietly if that happens. To those people I say: I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience, and best of luck with your new provider.

Some people leave a bad review after that bad experience. Again, I don’t like seeing them, but there is usually some merit to them.

And some people just want to get revenge, and are willing to sink a lot of time and effort into exacting it, usually by opening many new and existing post to tell to everyone how InfinityFree sucks, that I’m a fraud, that service XXX is so much better and that everyone who says otherwise is an idiot and a liar.

I’ve seen this many times, I’ve tried to engage such people many times and in many different ways, and I’ve yet to find any strategy to help comfort people in such situations. Everything I’ve tried either doesn’t help or made it worse.

Which creates delightful situations like this:

The most effective way of dealing with situations like this is to give a few warnings first. If those are not heeded, then I cut off their megaphone: delete the posts and silence/suspend the forum user.

Because while I can’t go back and make your experience better, I can help keep the peace here and make sure that others don’t have a bad experience.

I’ll say it again: I’m sorry you’ve had this experience, and I wish you best of luck with your new hosting providers.

But please let the people who enjoy InfinityFree do so in peace.


Well, I apologizethat I removed his topics without a warning.

Actually, slightly better TL;DR:

So what would you like me to reply? What do you want me to say? What do you want to hear?

Yes, you’ve had a bad experience. I’m sorry about that. Now go and be happy with your new hosting provider. Stop vandalizing our forum to make your point.


But srsly, you can delete posts? Do you get that at regular?

Possibly, just possibly… could we try to make this guy’s experience better? I would like to try to help this person and get a good experience here :slight_smile:

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I can delete others’ posts because of my moderation permission, however it isn’t like oh boy i hate this person let me remove his post, I use it when it comes to advertising/hardcore (?) insults.

I wish, based on his manner on his first topic, i prefer that he has good luck with his new hosting, I don’t think here’ll be better experience with him here.


Oh, ok. But do you get it from regular?

Maybe I could get mod perms :smiley:

Regular gives ability to recategorize and rename topics given the Admin permitted it. And moderatership comes to you, you don’t find it, it finds YOU.


Yeah that’s why I want to do a good job here :smiley:

Honestly there should be a “share” topic where you can share your stuff.

I personally think that you Mr Admin are a very humble and nice person. I mean I haven’t seen a person like you who handles a situation like you !
Instead I learnt from you.