Good online FTP?

MonstaFTP has a very bad editor, net2ftp is a very good ftp but has a very low daily limit. Other online FTPs like filestash sometimes glitch out by deleting everything in a file instead of saving the edit. Anyone know better online FTP clients?

Filezilla but this is app.

Online FTP clients are not good because they the languages used to build them are not really mente for FTP connections.

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Interesting. If there is one thing that MonstaFTP excels at in my opinion, it’s the editor. What trouble are you having with it?

We could host net2ftp ourselves again if it’s better. But when I tried it just now, it seems to break with PHP 8, which is not a good look.


The cursor (the blinking thing that shows where you are typing) is misaligned

Odd, that doesn’t happen for me. What operating system and browser do you use?


ChromeOS, chrome

Just to add to this, it is working fine for me on ChromeOS using the chrome browser.


FIlestash author here. It’s the very first time I hear about a report like this one and that does concerns me very much as it would be a very big issue indeed. It would be very appreciated if you could send a testing account I could use to replicate this issue so I could go a lot deeper and fix the root cause of whatever has happened and provide a proper fix for it.


You can create a free hosting account at to test this yourself if you would like.


I confirm I can’t replicate this, ran the integration test suite on your services and everything got out fine without issues. I would need to have a precise procedure to replicate the issue and provide a fix



The user (@ethernetexplorer) did not appear on the forum for 5 days,
I hope he will answer you (the forum sends a notification about a new RE also to the user’s email address, so I hope he has read it).


I think Filestash is a good FTP, however when I try to save, I get either “Try typing a little faster next time” or “File operation failed”.

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I can’t replicate this and this is exactly why I ask for a testing account in my first message (so far I got nothing). Being able to replicate an issue is key to understand what is going on and provide a fix. From my own account, everything works great without issues and the integration tests did ran fine and cover a lot more ground that I could ever do manually.

I am very surprised by the error messages you get "Try typing a little faster next time” doesn’t show up in any part of the code at all, hence my insistence to get a way to reproduce those issues to understand what’s going on and address it. All in all, Filestash is used extensively by many thousands of people all the time and never ever have I heard anything like this and would love to understand what’s going wrong in this particular case and provide a fix to whatever is going wrong

Hey @mickaelk, sorry for the late response. I think the problem is with the FTP server as sometimes the FTP server disconnects the client while the file is saving corrupting or blanking it. It happened to me one time in netftp also. Not sure if it’s the issue though.

I know that message. It’s indeed not from Filestash, it’s from our FTP server. Our server has quite aggressive inactivity timeouts and will kill the connection after only 20 seconds of inactivity. If Filestash just sets up an FTP connection once and keeps it open across requests, you would run into that.

And I’ve also seen in the past that trying to write files over an FTP connection that has already timed out may result in empty files being stored.

So I think both issues are caused by improper handling of closed connections. But I can’t say I know enough about the intricacies of FTP to know this for sure or how to solve it.

I’m surprised all of you got that far though. I tried it myself yesterday from the Docker image but couldn’t connect due to a TLS error. I know that issue is also on us, but not having an ability to disable TLS was a bummer.

I didn’t know about Filestahs before and after taking a close look, I do like the concept! Most web based file managers use PHP backends, which is an extremely poor choice because the PHP FTP module is terrible and PHP in general isn’t efficient with IO, so having a backend written in Golang could be really good!


That would be it indeed. Opening a ftp connection for every request is expensive from a latency point of view so we reuse those for subsequent requests to returns faster and will mark them for closure after 2 minutes of inactivity with a vacuum cleaner process actually closing them something like every few minutes. Such strategy can’t work if the connection is killed after 20 seconds of inactivity or we’d need to reopen it if it was to be closed in between.


That’s what I’m thinking too.

There are many reasons why FTP connections may be closed early. Not just server inactivity timers, but also network issues could occur, load balancer failovers or other reasons why a connection could be lost unexpectedly. I think having some mechanism to recreate the connection and try again would help make the FTP backend more reliable.


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