Infinityfree Filestash?

Found out about this:

So one of the admin’s reply from this old post:

is becoming true?Infinityfree is carrying out filestash as their online ftp?


It seems like an alternative option that is planned to be offered, although it seems to be currently misconfigured (or in the process of being configured properly, because it has some issues :sweat_smile:).

I’m personally hoping it’s planning to stay, and that it will be offered alongside MonstaFTP (so not as a replacement for it).


That’s pretty cool. I wish I could log in though.


Well, now you can:


…and now I can’t. :^)

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There was an issue with the authentication configuration in Filestash. It’s fixed now and you should now be able to login with your FTP username and password.

The plan, at least for now, is to just offer it as an alternative and see how it holds up. I prefer Monsta’s interface to be honest, but Filestash should be much better at handling archives and uploading a large number of files, which should make it quite useful.

The only disappointing part is the lack of automatic signin options with Filestash. The enterprise version has more authentication plugins, but looks like it may be quite expensive, and it’s not like we need a common enterprisy protocol in the first place.


Wow, I don’t know this existed in first place. How do you found it? And I guess I’m not even an active IF user.


Here is its website:

Admin just followed the documentation to install it.


I think someone on the forum first pointed it out (who were probably using the public demo version), we even had the author of Filestash come here to talk about it!

I didn’t. I didn’t give it more than a cursory look before deciding that I don’t want docker-compose on a production server if I could avoid it, especially for a single container, and I would rather deploy it my way.


Oh, didn’t know that. Well, actually some prefer deploying stuff their way, and me from the future could also agree if he starts to do so as well!


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