Getting domain names

You using .id (indonesian domain only) but your site is using spanish languange, how you can register that domain?

huh? We aren’t english only with the hosting, just the forum

It’s possible that he’s an Indonesian and loves Spanish Language. It’s quite normal.

owner of domain is selling subdomains of *, who’s an indonesian:

I mean how he can have it, Indonesian domain can only be purchased with certain conditions, namely having an Indonesian ID card

yes they sell it, but only to Indonesians they don’t accept outside buyers

It is a subdomain, not .id itself. or .id is the same but has different extensions with my, both of which are sold and not subdomains. I am afraid that those who have it are our domain hackers that cannot be used by citizens outside of countries other than Indonesia

i just digged and ended up with these results.
expensive :confused:

Yes. That just means there is a possibility that:

  • He is a legitimate Indonesian with Indonesian passport and ID.
  • He wants to build his own website in Spanish language, instead of Indonesian, because that’s what he wants.
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I just checked, he’s not Indonesian.

Well, if you’re absolutely sure about that, then I don’t have anything else to say.

me neither

So Do you think you’re a moderator to moderate?
It was something related to OP’s domain, not absolute offtopic.


Just a word of warning, unless you’re absolutely sure that he’s not Indonesian. And his ownership of the domain is questionable. Don’t jump into conclusion with few clicks of google search.

I mean, do you have a picture of him?
Do you have a picture of his passport or ID?
Did you receive confirmation from the owner of about any information you have in your hand?

To summarize, just be careful, don’t pass the judgement to fast.

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Anyone should be able to get any domain without living in a certan country

For instance, I can register a .US domain even though i live in the UK

Sorry, that’s only applied to TLD like .com, .net,…

For Country TLD, many countries requires that you are a legitimate citizen, or organization of that country. In this case, Indonesia has such requirement.

Well as i linked above, ythey sell it for 99.99$

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I split the topic.

Please note that the topic before was about the suspended account of @Iamferhacks. If you want to discuss a domain name and prices, please feel free to do so in a separate topic in the Informal category. And keep support topics on point please.