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Filezilla upload a file. There is no error message. But file not uploaded.
Is there file size limit?
I try upload a file bigger than 10MB.

Obviously you are aware of the limit and you even know what exactly the limit is.

Please don’t post such topics in the future — just look into the KB and you’ll know everything:


@Frank419 Thanks. :wink:

I failed upload Big pdf file. So I reduced the pdf file size and upload success.

Do note that PDF files are not allowed here due to possible abuse.

There’re cases that users inject malware into PDFs so be careful with your account.


@Frank419 Where do you mean here?
My site or forum.infinityfree.com ? I load pdf files my site. My pdf files are not malwares.

Hosting of pdf files on free hosting is not allowed.
Your account may get suspended


@KangJL Where is the condition? I don’t know.

Please read the article Frank419 had posted


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