Free Hosting Outage, many services affected

Free Hosting Outage, many services affected

The free hosting platform appears to be experiencing an outage right now. The following services are affected:

  • Many websites are returning Connection Timed Out errors of some kind.
  • Other websites are returning 502 Bad Gateway errors.
  • FTP server being unreachable: 421 3900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry.
  • File manager not working (it relies on the FTP server).
  • Mail server and webmail is down.

We’re currently trying to get in touch with iFastNet to get more information about this issue and I’ll update this topic as soon as I know more.

Please keep the discussion about this issue concentrated in this topic. Please don’t create additional topics, send emails, tickets or other support requests about this.


I created a ticket but they didnt respond,same goes for the call

FTP works,at least for me

Asked some friends,MOFH started working.

What is mofh??

My Own Free Host.


Yet,please,only connect if it realy is necesary.
Try not to upload big files.

I tried to upload a 1mb file.The server is very slow.Slow even for free hosting standards.

My free hosting is working without any issue. But my website is taking another second to load.

2 of my free hosting accounts can’t access File Manager or FTP.

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What I say about my free accommodation is that it falls a lot.

When it is running, it seems to me that it is working well and fast and even the ftp service.

But it is more what keeps you offline than online.

Any update?

MySQL Database import option is CONNECTION TIMEOUT Error??

Many websites means not all of them, one of my websites shows ’ …can’t reach this page’ error, i’m assuming it’s not related to this outage issue sense it’s not returning 502 Bad Gateway error, right?

I’ve updated the initial post with more information.

Quickly summarized:

  • The website IPs and are still disabled. Some some websites will still be down.
  • Most other functions have been restored around 9:30 UTC for all other accounts, safe for another half hour outage at 15:00.

All the known symptoms are described in the initial post. If your website has an issue not covered in the list above, it might be unrelated. And to help make sure this thread stays on topic about the outage, please create a new topic and describe the problem there if you’re in doubt.

So @nirajkumarsinghit and @fuckinfinityfree, please create a separate topic and describe the issue there so we can help you effectively in a clean, on-point topic.

Just to clarify, you’re experiencing this issue if you have at least one of the symptoms, even if you don’t see all of them. After all, your website can’t simultaneously return a 502 error code and show a timeout error (indicating no response was sent by the server).

The thing with timeout error is that they are rendered by the web browser, not the server. So every browser will show a different error message and error code. And some browser may not provide any usable information at all.

In your case, one of your accounts is on one of the IPs which is currently down. So what you see is in fact related to this outage.


Thank you for the clear explanation

looks like its down again. Response: 421 3900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry

it was working for about an hour

Down again…

On my website I have wordprees and whenever I try to update the version of wordpress or some plugin it gives me this error:
that the timeout has been exceeded

What can I do to resolve?