Free Hosting Outage, many services affected

I also can’t access FTP, hope it will be better tomorrow

not working ftp

Hello i`m new , how to get my website working? :woozy_face:

Thanks website resumed to function

@Popout That depends on why your website is not functioning. Are you experiencing some kind of timeout error on your site right now? If so, then you’re likely on one of the IP addresses which is still down. If you see some other kind of error, please check the knowledge base first to see if there are any articles which can answer your question, or create a new topic instead. Or maybe it’s just this:

@Miondolfo There seem to be FTP issues for some accounts still. Specifically, some people see one of these two error messages when trying to connect to FTP:

421 3900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry
421 Home directory not available - aborting

I’m not sure what they are about, but I’ve asked iFastNet to investigate.


My new website is blank, no errors though

This is what happens when I try to connect to my database (phpMyAdmin)

Diese Seite funktioniert nicht hat Sie zu oft weitergeleitet.


So it’s a redirection loop issue?

Anything else is working, but I need to admin my db!

Unable to access FTP and website from yesterday

Change your site password from client area, wait for few mins. that may fix it.

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Our website is also completely down as well, all we receive is a timeout error. It has been like this for the entire day, is there anything that we can do about this?

I already did that because before that nothing worked at all (the entire site, panel, FTP access were all gone). Now everything is ok again but I still can’t administrate my database anymore :frowning:

Just to remind everyone: the known symptoms of this outage are in the initial post above. If you experience an error to a part of the service not listed there, or encountering an error not listed there, it’s possible that whatever you’re experiencing is not part of this outage.

If that may be the case, please create a separate topic and describe the issue there. This topic is about the outage described in the first post. Not for every issue you may experience with the hosting which may or may not be linked to this outage.

Together, we can ensure that every question receives the right amount of attention and won’t be buried by posts about unrelated issues. Thank you for your cooperation.


Server with IP is down ATM.

Right now, there are two IP addresses which are down:


If your account is hosted on one of these IP addresses (find your IP address here), then you will experience some kind of Connection Timed Out error when connecting to your website. These IP addresses are currently disabled because they were under heavy attack. They will be brought back online as soon as the attack is over.


Is it possible for all of our sites to be transferred to another IP address?

We don’t typically bulk transfer websites to other IP addresses because:

  • It requires a DNS change, which means people will have trouble accessing the website for the next 72 hours if they use our nameservers, and if they use their own nameservers, they have to update configuration themselves to bring their website back online. If the attack is over sooner, we’ve caused more downtime than we’ve solved.
  • If one of the websites on the IP address is the target of the attack, then moving all websites would likely move the attack to the new IP address too. So we’d have to take down the new IP address too.

Moving websites is definitely an option. But it’s also an option with a high risk of making things worse, not better.


Just wanted to post, my problem is solved by now :slight_smile:

I went through the knowledge base regarding problems with phpMyAdmin connections (“ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”)

If you face similar problems, and pw change won’t work for you the first time, please note I had to reset resp. change my pw in the client area at least TWICE to make everything work again! After each change wait at least 15 minutes and meanwhile clear your cache and cookies. After that I finally had success.

Why I don’t get message from mofh or ifast about ddos?

There are 3 days now, are you going to bring back the service or what’s your suggestion?