Please help me fix my site which says site CNT be reached

Because it is not trusted on all web browsers

This warning is caused by the fact that free hosting does not support intermediate certificates. Most browsers work just fine with these certificates. If you really need to use intermediate certificates, you may want to upgrade to premium hosting.


Please now I have a serious issue with

Here us aha it shows

Here is what it shows

Did you notice the big banner on forum home page?


OK so there are too many website owners logged into their control panel

But now my site at is saying site is unreachable sometimes please I need a fix for my unique visitor to not get mad

Sometimes my website @www.joshdelight says site can’t be reached (unreachable site ) while after sometime it works.
It hasn’t said this for sometime but since when I installed a popup plugin it started saying that site can’t be reached and now I deleted the plugin but it still says site can’t be reached sometimes, pls help me fix my site ,i don’t want to lose my unique visitors

Pls help me decide what newsletter popup plugin would be suitable for an arimolite theme

Pls I need a response for my previous messages

I don’t know your WordPress theme and I don’t know every WordPress plugin by heart to tell which ones might be compatible. Your newsletter popup question is extremely specific, so I doubt anyone on this forum can help you with that (although I’d gladly be proven wrong). If your theme has some sort of support channel, you could ask it through there. But good old trial and error can work too.

And I don’t know why some Nigerian mobile ISPs are blocking access to your website. I explained to you last week why I can’t help you with this.


Pls how can I copy the google AdSense code in the points in the page of my website

If you use WordPress you need to install “Insert Headers and Footers” plugin, enable it, and then on the plugin settings put on the header the Google AdSense code and save the changes.


OK thanks I have installed the plugin

I entered the settings of the plugin and in the first section which says header I copied my AdSense code by site to the space box provided but pls can you tell me where to paste my AdSense code by ad unit in the plugin settings

And how long does it actually take for the ads to start showing

Pls help me fix my site at it says that my site is establishing server base error connection

Oh sorry now its working​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

That’s the outage we announced a few days ago: