Please help me fix my site which says site CNT be reached

My website name is
What I’m seeing is:
It shows me that site can’t be found most times that I try entering my site

It shows site can’t be reached most times after tapping the site icon

I see site can't be reached

I’m using this software:
I am using a chrome web browser

chrome web browser

Additional information:

since when I upgraded my WordPress to the latest version thats when I encountered this problem

For me it works fine. Can you please try clearing your browser cache and DNS cache?


Please how can I make it work for my other visitors so that they don’t see site can’t be reached in my site

Plus it works for now but it will start showing site can’t be reached later

What error do they receive while visiting your site?

They receive “The site can’t be reached”, but after that I don’t know what is the complete error. @Josh12, can you please specify the FULL and COMPLETE error that users get while visiting your website, even though I don’t get that after visiting it two times? Without full error and just “The site can’t be reached” we can’t diagnose what is the problem then.


That’s what I meant tbh.

You could check my site at
https://josh to help me fix the error site can’t be reached please

Please help me fix my site at
it shows this

This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.


  • Checking the connection


It’s an internet hiccup error, not related to hosting. Using VPN or even refreshing the page may fix this.


No its affecting everyone that tries to visit my site so it must be from my control panel or file manager

Well, it’s not affecting everyone, because I can see your website just fine. And @Ergastolator1 also said the website is working fine for him too.

And checking the site at tells me:

It’s just you. is up.

So, by your own logic, the issue must be on your end.

If you say the issue is affecting “everyone”, who do you mean exactly? Did you have other people check the site too? Did you test it on other browsers, other devices and other networks?


Yes I did they tested it on other peoples browsers and networks

Please how can I access my DNS because my host at is not working

The database server can’t be accessed from anybody else’s network, but only on the free hosting network, so if you’re trying to access that from your browser (even assuming that MySQL servers can’t be accessed via browsers, but can be managed through a software like phpMyAdmin and can be connected with a PHP-powered software) or a remote MySQL client, that won’t work. If you want MySQL remote access, please consider to upgrade to Premium Hosting as it offers many features. Also, there are some problems with some database servers, so if you find that your site has a database connection error just wait some time and it will be fixed.


Please can my site at be fixed permanently

It may be a network or DNS problem on your side, because for me and for the Admin it works perfectly fine. So either change your DNS to, OpenDNS or Google Public DNS, clear your browser cache, clear your DNS cache or contact your ISP about that.

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How can I contact my isp

So I can’t access my DNS records on my free hosting

Sure it can be fixed permanently! In fact, it’s already fixed right now! After all, everything I see indicates the website is already working perfectly fine!

The only person here who says it’s not working perfectly already is you. There could be any number reasons why that happens, but we can try to help you with that.

So again, can you please answer my question?

If you say the issue is affecting “everyone”, who do you mean exactly?