Please help me fix my site which says site CNT be reached

It affects my friends,siblings or any other person which tries to access my site through chrome

But for additional information my site only works for me only through opera mini but not any other brower. Pls I need my site at to start working pls

Here is exactly what it shows when me or any other of my siblings and friends try to access my site

Still working fine from here:

Are those siblings and friends on the same (WiFi) network? Or on the same internet provider? If your internet provider has blocked access to our servers (we’ve seen that happen before), that would explain why none of them can access your website.


I am using mtn nigeria 3g/4g to browse while some of my friends are using glo 3g/4g and air tel 3g/4g

I issued an ssl certificate from you guys on my second domain but after I configured the certificate it does not show that I have a trusted certicate during WordPress installation

I issued an ssl certificate from you guys on my second domain but after I configured the certificate it does not show that I have a trusted certicate during WordPress installation

Please help me out

Some systems (primarily automatic tools) may say your SSL certificate is invalid because they are unable to recognize it’s issued by a valid certificate provider. This is a result of the free hosting panel not supporting SSL CA chains, which are only supported on premium hosting.

You can work around this by installing WordPress with http:// URLs first and switching it to https:// after the installation is complete.


OK thanks but can you still work on my other first site

For the site to support everybody’s network

I’m sorry, but all I’ve seen so far tell me that this is a problem with your network, not on our end.

People on this forum checked your website, it’s working fine for them. I’ve checked your website with multiple uptime checkers and website diagnostics tools, all are saying your website is working fine. You even say you’ve seen your own website through Opera’s browser, which uses a proxy service by default, meaning you know your website is online.

The only locations and networks from where we have confirmed it doesn’t work is a collection of Nigerian mobile ISPs. From everywhere else, it’s fine.

We don’t blanket ban any networks. We’ve never done so either, and probably never will. But we have seen many times that censor happy internet providers block access to out networks “to protect their customers” and other pedantic reasons. I’m 99.9% sure that’s the case here too.

So repeating your request for help here over and over again will not help you. Because, at least to me, it’s very clear that this is not a problem with your hosting, but with your ISP.

So please contact your ISP about this. Have them verify they are not blocking access to our IP addresses. Because everything I see indicates that they do.


OK thank you very much for your support on my first website but I have actually installed some plugins to optimize the site and now its managable

Please I installed SSL certificates properly in my second domain but it does not show that the SSL certificate is trusted,even when I try using SSL checker it tells me that I should contact my SSL provider to link an intermediate certificate to a trusted root certificate. pls help out

Because it is not trusted on all web browsers

This warning is caused by the fact that free hosting does not support intermediate certificates. Most browsers work just fine with these certificates. If you really need to use intermediate certificates, you may want to upgrade to premium hosting.


Please now I have a serious issue with

Here us aha it shows

Here is what it shows

Did you notice the big banner on forum home page?


OK so there are too many website owners logged into their control panel