domain names possible?

I see that are offering free domain names but are they usable on infinityfree ?

I did sign up for one and setup the name servers but I had no reply yet

Only now I noticed this on line #4

Does that mean it isnt going to be possible ?



Yes you can use those here.


but I dont see its possible to configure the name servers with the domain name im going to request, cpanel doesnt seem to have an option to do that

Maybe this will help


thanks, maybe its too late as I have already tried to register a name but I entered the byet name servers

im so annoyed that I missed that line #4 and now ive ruined any chance of getting the domain name :frowning:

Wdym, maybe try again?

I tried again using as in the guide and just get 20 errors

I have no idea how to proceed

It was very kind of you to help and im sorry that im struggling to understand, I have recently had a stroke and I seem to get confused easily now

Thank you for everything

The dns on seems very slow to update. What about is showing this , does it mean I just need to wait or have I done something wrong ? thanks

That’s why I suggest switching to
Any idea, @FlutterHoney ?

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To make my nameservers work, I had to make sure the box at the top was set to “Check correctness of server names” and nothing else. Once I set the nameservers, I added the domain to my account with ease. Then I changed them to Cloudflare, and it all worked out.

This is an incorrect example, but you see what I’m talking about.


Good one! @wackyblackie


so you used cloudflare name servers directly ? the tutorial says to use one of the other two name servers first and when its working then you change to name servers to cloudflare

unless im totally misunderstanding all this, sorry it is confusing me a lot and I know im being a pain asking all these questings and I really do appreciate the help youre giving me

No you’re not! You’re completely fine!

So to clarify:
Set your nameservers to and

Once those are set and propagate, add the domain to your cPanel account.

Now that you’ve added the domain to your cPanel account, change the nameservers to the ones assigned to you by Cloudlfare. Once you’ve done that, follow this guide:


oh so its just the same as what I did when registering

hmmm I must have made a mistake when I first tried, thanks i’ll give it another go

Yup! It’s almost exactly like any other domain registrar.


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actually I read this and line #4 says the name servers must be configured with the name before requesting a domain from and this is where i got stuck the first time

Then register the domain with the epizy nameservers. Then this;

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this is where the problem is

its impossible to register the domain name with cpanel before its registered with

and its impossible to register the name with before its registered with cpanel

im stuck here


This is not true. Just follow what I posted above and all should work splendidly.