domain names possible?

im reading the guide you posted thank you

im stuck at step 3, i really dont understand what its telling me to do

Step #3 guides you to change the nameservers of your domain, which I expect you’ve already done if you’ve added the domain to your Hosting Account.

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i changed the name servers for to cloudflare thats the only thing ive changed

but now i want to register a domain at

but i cant register a domain at because they want me to add the domain im going to request to the name servers before requesting it

can I add the domain to cloudflare ? before I register it ?

I tried to add the site to cloudflare but got a “is not a registered domain” error

I cant register a domain name with because it doesnt already exist in the name servers

Im stuck in this loop and dont know how to fix it

  1. Register the domain with the nameservers: and Your nameserver page should look exactly like this:

  2. Add the domain to your Hosting Account ( > Addon Domains).

  3. Go back to and change the nameservers to the ones cloudflare assigned you (eg. and The nameserver page should look something like this:

  4. Add the domain to your Cloudflare account.

Now you can follow the “Full Guide to Cloudflare” starting on Step #6.


should I use addon domains ? I wanted to use aliases (parked domains) so that the domain name pointed to my current infinityfree hosted site just like the domain name currently does

is this why i have been having issues ?

btw a friend of mine was kind enough to add an entry onto his own domain name server for the name im requesting so ive submitted again using his name servers

After which you will need to wait for subdomain to be approved. This could take months!!


But as per some docs, it says 1 day or 2 weeks…

I am still waiting…
How long did it take for your subdomain to get approved?

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I wont know, cuz I submitted it yesterday. But someone requested on my behalf and it took about a month.

Ok, noted


oh maybe time is the problem then ?

there was no confirmation email that my request was being processed so I just thought its not working and that line #4 seems confusing too

maybe I should try and submit it again using name servers

Here’s what I did…

  • Create the dns account for my domain at
  • Wait for 24 hours LOL :roll_eyes:
  • Then try submitting the domain again, and it will take ages to be approved :smirk:

Yes, that exactly. Just wait for the email, it may take a little while, because the domain keeper is a real human, not an api.

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I tried submitting again using epizy and got this

i have no idea whats going to happen, ive bombarded them with so many requests for the same domain name via many different name servers

Good, now just wait till it is approved.

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thanks guys

sorry for this mess, its my condition
I get into a confused state easily since my stroke but I am improving slowly and I hope my brain starts working eventually :smiley:


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