Error Establishing database connection

I gave up after trying all the methods as I have seen on different forums. Many times checked wp config file. All the credentials are correct. Double repair database through wordpress. But all in vain. Many times this same error shows Error establishing database connection. After refreshing page it goes right. But It is hectic now. I want to make it right. Looks like host server goes down. Please help me get rid off this.

Well you never provided a domain name…

Is the database still there in the control panel?

my domain name is…

Yes database is still in the cpanel.

It is working fine for me. Just in case, try clearing your cache.

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It is working fine for me too. But gives error sometimes. And I have done everything. Cleared cache change password and updated it in config files. Checked url twice. But gives error again sometimes while installing plugin or opening any page sometimes

The site in this topic is having occasional database issues too, and you’re both on SQL212. So it might be a server congestion issue.

So what i need to do? Any suggestion to resolve this issue. How it will resolve? Error establishing database connection? I am using one main domain site and one subdomain… both r having error

If it’s an internal error, you will have to wait for iFastNet to fix it.

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Ok. I will wait. Bcz it can’t be congestion issue. Because I am not using heavy data. Just surfing wordpress tools when it shows up

That doesn’t mean others on sql212 aren’t. This is shared hosting.


Then what is my fault in this? If others are using heavy things then I will have to bear too?

it’s not your fault, and I’m sure iFastNet will correct the issue soon. If you want everything to be your own, you will need a lot of technical knowledge, and a dedicated server.

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As now i have seen in phpmyadmin there is server showing with but in mysql database it is showing with and also in phpmyadmin it is shown server is getting changed from your side as you can see in pic

Just to be clear: you did not cause this and you cannot fix this. This is an issue that affects the entire server. Because with web hosting, the servers are shared with other users.

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Ok. Then plz resolve this asap.

That is currently happening. @Admin will tell us when this problem has been resolved.

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Hope so. Thanks

Actually, you could help by answering this question:

We’ve been unable to catch the issue, which makes it very hard for us to fix it.

This occurs often. Can’t tell specific time. Will check tonight again.

Well this is happening again and again. Its becoming hectic.