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Too many connections.

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Every few clicks on my website, I get an error message saying too many connections. I’m only receiving around 2-3 connections at this time, not sure what the issue is?

You must be using too many connections.
Also, just from looking at the domain name, I believe it might violate the TOS, correct me if I’m worng:

The website address doesn’t even resolve at the moment for me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it configured at all?

Yep. It’s all configured!

Hmm, must be something on my end then.

I haven’t broken any TOS and read the post, I’m not receiving too many connections.

That domain doesn’t exist maybe?

DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup (

“Too many connections” means your website is using too many connections on the server simultaneously. It is not how many users are using it at any given time.

Actually, please check with your domain provider, as that domain does not exist.

Edit: if you are using FreeNom, your domain may have been deleted, please check your FreeNom account.

LOL, is freenom deleting domain randomly?

Is this the full, complete error message? Or just your interpretation of it? Can you please share the full error message?

The only reference I can find to the exact text “too many connections” is a very terse support post at MyBB which doesn’t provide any information.

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I put the wrong domain, it is actually

And I’ll send the full error if I can.


That is the full error and when I seek help at MyBB group, they just say to speak to the host.

That makes sense.

I can’t get that erro on your website, so maybe check all your database connections?

Thank you, that 1040 error code is extremely useful.

This seems like it could be a server congestion issue. The documentation for this error code refers to a specific connection limit that applies to the whole server.

The site seems to be working fine now though, which makes it hard to check things. How often does this occur, and does it occur on specific times?

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They are still occurring for some reason, everything is configured correctly and they’re happening a few hours after each other.

They are still occurring because we haven’t done anything to fix it yet. And we haven’t yet done anything because this issue is hard to grasp.

One final option you could try is to create a new hosting account and move your site to it. If the account gets created on a different database server (be sure to check if this is the case, your current account is on sql212, which seems to be bad, everything else is probably OK), you should be able to host your site there without this issue.

Yes, this might work but when I create a new mysql database or a new account, it automatically puts the account on sql212. What can I do to prevent that?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Other Information

This is an install of phpbb, nothing added to it, the MySQL is connected perfectly. I’ve got this error previously with mybb. I have reason to believe this might be an issue on InfinityFree’s end. If anyone can help, that’d be a blessing.

The 1040 code seems to inform you that there is congestion on the database server. Waiting for some time may help.

Hm, others have been complaining about the same. Admin will check it out when he comes online.