Error Establishing database connection

As now i have seen in phpmyadmin there is server showing with but in mysql database it is showing with and also in phpmyadmin it is shown server is getting changed from your side as you can see in pic

Just to be clear: you did not cause this and you cannot fix this. This is an issue that affects the entire server. Because with web hosting, the servers are shared with other users.

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Ok. Then plz resolve this asap.

That is currently happening. @Admin will tell us when this problem has been resolved.

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Hope so. Thanks

Actually, you could help by answering this question:

We’ve been unable to catch the issue, which makes it very hard for us to fix it.

This occurs often. Can’t tell specific time. Will check tonight again.

Well this is happening again and again. Its becoming hectic.

Can’t get rid of this. Coming again and again. :cry:

One moment everything is okay, but I refresh the page and this shows up. It won’t go away for minutes!

Yes. And they are not resolving this issue saying it’s not from their end.

Some database issue is there, pls have patience.

@The_SloPro, please provide a epiz_xxxx username.

epiz_29854100 is my username

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when i’m hosting a mysql database by myself, on my other pc it works just fine

Who says that were? I already repeatedly stated that I think this may be an issue on our end.

But just because that we know that the server may have an issue doesn’t mean we can just snap our fingers and it’s fixed. Some issues are hard to pin down and fix.

Also, for everyone else having similar issues:

Please do not just post here saying things like “same issue here”. Such messages provides no useful information (I can’t even check if it’s actually the same issue), let alone that it adds anything to the discussion.

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We have patience. But it is from some days. And after every second click it goes to error establishing a database connection.

Then please let us know how much it will take time. So till that we stop using WordPress. Because with this error it is hard to use developing website. We can’t refresh again and again.

No one knows that. This is free hosting with disadvantages and advantages. Error and curroption is common in that case

Thanks for letting us know. Error are common thing in free hosting. But you should resolve this. Errors can be fixed.