Entry process limit reached

Hi, can anybody help me understand what’s happened here, and whether it’s an error or not?

My site has been suspended for reaching the EP limit, and seemingly failures of the EP. I don’t understand exactly what this is, but I’ve attached a screenshot of the graphs from my control panel below.

Today there there have hardly been any hits, but this EP limit was exceeded. Where as if you compare it to the 1st April, the hits were very high but the EP was very low (as with every other day except today).

I have uploaded about 4/5 html files today, but that is all. Last week I uploaded a lot, and was constantly refreshing pages (hence the high hit count last week), but the EP wasn’t affected, so this can’t be related to uploads?

My username is epiz_31043428, if it’s needed.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thanks! But what is the reason this would have spiked so much today when nothing has changed to cause this, and hits are low - far lower than last week and the EP hardly registered then? I haven’t modified anything at all that would affect this, so it’s not making any sense.

My guess would be bots. If you have a custom domain, you can setup Cloudflare.


Unfortunately, we don’t record detailed information about the traffic to your website and the server load they generate, so we don’t have any information to help diagnose what exactly caused the high entry process usage (or verify whether the number is correct at all).

The high EP usage doesn’t really correlate with any of the other stats, so it’s hard to say.

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Thanks for the help! I have set up Cloudflare, but now when visiting my website I get a ‘Dangerous’ warning that the website is known for phishing! Hopefully this is just referring to the suspended-website.com address that it’s currently forwarding too, and when my account is no longer suspended it’ll all work fine (I have SSL set up in Infinity Free and Cloudflare)…!? :crossed_fingers:

It’s happened again, the second day in a row! The website was back up after the suspension ended, but now it’s back down again straight away. This makes no sense at all, as as I mentioned yesterday I have changed nothing that would affect this, and this had never happened before yesterday, but now has 2 days in a row!

Is there any way this can be looked into at all? If not I’m going to have to search for another free host - but as far as I could find infinity free was the best :frowning:

I dont know if this is related but I was getting ddosed from the netherlands from some script someone uploaded to googles cloud server, i got 160000 page requests in 1 hour

I had to enable js challenge in cloudflare for country netherlands and things have been fine after that


Not really, because there is nothing to look at.

If there was an actual issue with the usage and limits calculations, there would be a lot of people complaining and many extra suspensions, which there aren’t.

Since this issue seems to be limited to your account, there is no way to tell if this is a hosting issue, or an issue with your website or the traffic it gets. And we don’t have detailed metrics to tell which of those is the case.

If there was clear evidence for a server issue, then we’d have something to investigate. But we can’t spend a lot of engineering resources to look for an issue for a single free hosting account that might not even exist.


Same problem is happening to me. My account is suspended twice in a row now on 2022 april 10 and 12 due to EP limit, without doing any rare stuff. I was only maintaince the website. My account is epiz_26802378. So I think it might be a server issue afterall. I can not explain otherwise why normal use, suddenly leads to EP limit problems, while in the past nothing happened with same use… Also I small detail is that I live in the Netherlands. Therefore maintaince of my website hosted on infinity is done with a dutch ip adress. It makes sense if this had some effects on performance with a dutch ddos attack.

As the second bullet describes, do you use Ajax or anything of the like?

Just because you can’t think of a reason why you would hit this limit doesn’t mean you didn’t hit it. A traffic spike on your website can still happen, even if you’re not aware of it. So to conclude “it must be a server issue because I can’t think of anything else” is a bit too simple.

Especially if you demand we invest valuable engineering effort into investigating an issue for which there is no strong evidence that it actually is a server issue.

We don’t have more detailed information to help debug this, which makes it hard.


I wasn’t responding specifically to your query. This topic was crated by @DuffDan, and they said it could be a server issue. That part was not specifically meant for you.

There are more exotic situations where this might happen which I didn’t cover in the article. In part because I don’t know for sure if it’s actually the cause, and because there isn’t really a way to fix it.

It’s rare, but possible, to hit the EP limit without any PHP code. The EP limit is tied to concurrent requests. So it’s a combination of the number of requests per second and the duration of the requests. HTML and other static requests are very fast, whereas PHP requests are usually a lot slower due to all the code having to be executed, so high EP usage is generally is caused by PHP.

If it’s just a traffic spike with a high number of requests, then there isn’t a lot anyone can do about that.


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