DNS Settings page

Hello, I’m trying to create a custom email domain with Zoho Mail.
I want to add some DNS records.
Where is the DNS records page?


where is the dns records page?
im trying to find it on the infinityfree panel


Oh, thanks for the help and your time.

NP and YW

It would be more beneficial for you to use Cloudflare
so in addition to the advantages of CDN, TLS and DDoS protection, you also have several additional options related to email that cannot be added here in the control panel, such as DKIM and DMARC.

You didn’t specify the domain, so we don’t know if you might be using WordPress (more related to SSL),

but in general


It wont let me use cloudflare. It says my domain is invalid. (techguyaj22.rf.gd)

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You can only add apex domains, not subdomains, to Cloudflare.


oh :frowning:

I assumed that you have a domain
I don’t know how you managed to do it and whether you succeeded

also if you are considering using Freenom it will be a problem


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