DNS records


I don’t want to change my existing nameservers, please provide me your A, AAAA or CNAME record (IP) so that I’ll update your DNS records in my existing panel.


Else do not use IF

I don’t want to change my existing nameservers, instead, we can only change the A record for the hosting purpose. I just want to know the A record of Infinityfree.

You have to change nameservers first.
Once domain is added to hosting account, you will have your A record.
You can then revert to original nameservers for your domain.

If this is not ok with you, then look for other hosting.
IF cannot do what you want

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InfinityFree does not profile full DNS settings. If you wish, you can upgrade to premium hosting, or use Cloudflare. More info about Cloudflare is below.

You must point your domain name to our nameservers first. If not, you will not be able to add it to a hosting account, which means no website will be shown on your domain. After that, you can retrieve the IP address to use from the account details, or just grab them from the DNS results of your own domain.

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