Delete domain not account

I have bought a new domain and do not want old domain to point here. I changed nameserver and it no longer points here, however, my website hosting here still shows old domain as the website. How to delete old domain from InfinityFree account - I do not want to lose the website I designed, only want a different domain to point here and not the other at all. Advice sought. Thank you.

Just delete domain from VPanel.

If you need help, please provide more info.
What are the domain names?


I went to CPanel and do not see where to delete only the domain attached to website. I go to Cpanel as you said, domains, and I see my account, but if I click delete will that delete the website I designed until I add new domain to it? Thank you for helping me.

I am about to get the new domain name - just want to know if I can change it from old to new domain and save the website I created? I know how to add a new domain - but can I connect it to a website I made here which still shows old domain as its name 9even though nameserver no longer points here)?

When I go into CPanel, I click Domains, and if I click it , it shows my website…I do not see anywhere where it says “Delete Domain” - where is that? Thank you.

Files and databases will still be intact. Only domain is deleted from hosting account.

You need to do a website migration


As for

you need to do this


THANK YOU! I successfully deleted the old domain and I also pointed me new domain to these webservers here (just like I did previously). Now, I am waiting to see if my already designed website/blog appears with my new domain. :slight_smile: Last time it was quick, although I understand I may have to wait and see. It is showing up on my account - just want it to connect to the website. I will wait. :slight_smile: THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME DO THIS!


So far, it has been several hours, when I type in my new domain it goes to a page with only the words " Directory Listing" on it - when i enter my Infinity account it is showing the account name randomized when I first made it for my website - will my new domain automatically attach to the website I created? As of now, when i click my account name it just goes to a page offering cpanel or file upload, etc. will my new domain which seems connected attach to the website I previously built but under the first domain which is now deleted? Thank you.

When I try to add it under addon domains to use it says already connected to Infinity…does this just need more time to connect and see it? last time it took only a few minutes - less than 30 minutes. Thank you.

“… is already assigned and in use.2” is the message I get when I try to add it under CPanel with my account as an addon domain - will it auto connect then in some time?

It does show under addon domains with a very long document root - so will it eventually link to the website I already built here? Thank you.

No. Like I said


I am not trying to migrate a website here, I made the website here although with another domain - I deleted that domain and now want to add this domain - which i did (nameservers, etc. and it shows on my addon domain page) - however it still only brings up a page with the name Directory on it.

I am not trying to move a site here, I am trying to simply add my new domain to an existing site. Sorry, if I am misunderstanding. I did not use FTP to create it, I made it here with a blog app onto my account here - I just want new domain to replace the old one which I have deleted. I may not be understanding…I thought I could simply change the domain on it?

I did not want to do a file manager/FTP just wanted to change the domain on it.

Read the article posted to you.
It can also be used to migrate from old website to new website

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Thank you…yes, I have read and all steps I think I took. I did everything it said - is it just I have to wait many more hours? Thank you. I did all of it - nameservers, etc. - it shows up on my account as an addon and shows directory root - I just want to click my account name like I used to and it would take me to my website…could it be it takes many more hours as it says (even though last time took less than half an hour to propagate)?

As for website migration - don;t know at all - I never used FTP to create it - just an account here then added a blog onto it - and pointed an old domain to it which I have now deleted and simply want the new domain (I followed all the instructions) to work on it. Thank you for your patience. Maybe it needs more hours - I do not know - confused. Thank you, again.

I used PHP and see all the database files…I just thought if I delete one domain and add the other it would connect to my account. I will return to this tomorrow. Thank you for everything you have shared.