Delete domain not account

Without migrating data from old domain to new domain, you will keep seeing a directory listing.
Good luck!


Since it isn’t clearly mentioned in the migration article, I’ll mention it in case you have trouble finding it:

When signing up with a domain for the first time, it uses the default htdocs folder. After you add another domain (and regardless of whether you have deleted the domain you registered with or not), every new domain will have its own folder, with its own htdocs directory, for example You will need to copy the content of your main htdocs folder to the new directory.


Thank you! It’s done. :slight_smile: I deeply appreciated your patient help. I am learning, and pleased thanks to you and KangJL I was able to get my website migrated to my new domain.


KangJL, I deeply appreciated your kind and patient help. Thanks to everything you shared (and also ChrisPAR), I was able to successfully re-establish my website with my new domain. :slight_smile:


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