Change domain

hi guys, i have a website:

i have another domain name:

is it possible to change domain name?

Please read this thread


i tried to create new one with this options, can you tell me to solution of this plz ?


I see this now


Make sure you do this


I changed 30mins ago. Do I need time for the change to be applied?

Wait up to 72 hours


I checked again and the nameservers change has been propagated; you can proceed to add the domain on your hosting account.


are you sure ?
here is the result while i was trying to add custom subdomain

Check by yourself:

This one is with, but even with Google’s DNS and OpenDNS it returns these nameservers.


i try to do that:


it says this one :

should i change my dns to that?:

You can also try changing the nameservers to and as the Control Panel, before that error message, says to change them to that, but also Byet nameservers work fine. For instance, I do every single domain adding process to every free hosting account I have that doesn’t exceed my quota allocation with Byet nameservers and use only two of them.


i wrote all of 5 byet, i guess all i need is waiting

I’m sorry for the confusion caused. The error message in the client area when adding the domains is actually incorrect and needs to be updated.

You are on an older account (with a epiz_ username). If your domain is on an account like that, you’ll need to use the nameservers and, not the ns1/ nameservers. That should be updated in the error message and documentation.

The nameservers always work.


i changed again to:


byets didnt work by the way, i tried to change while it was byet. where can i check if dns is ready to use ?

You can check using the DNS checker tool on the Client Area or by using Dig web interface (with the last one you’ll have to choose NS as type and enable “Trace” before you dig to see the result).


The Domain Checker tool in the client area can look up the currently active nameservers of your domain name. However, please note that due to DNS caching, it’s not guaranteed that the Domain Checker and Control Panel will see the same nameservers if you changed them recently.


i abled to add it successfully.


but there is a problem, after i added new domain as parked, it says there is a folder which is the same with domain name, upload your files in it. in file managger i cant find that folder. where is it? htdocs has files for my old domain


or simplified

Parked is something like a shortcut (e.g. in MS Windows a shortcut is a link that points to a computer program or other locations on the computer).
Parked does not create a new directory in which your domain will be located

So you need to add it as Addon Domain ! (of course, first remove it from the system)

If you want to move a website from one domain to another and don’t want to use the parked domain option, then you have to move your website files to a different directory.


here is the solition of this topic:

  1. change dns to:

  2. add new domain at “control panel >> addon domain”

  3. move files in the new domains file

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