How to change URL subdomain?

My website is currently, Can I change the subdomain to become

This may help


It did not work.

What does this do?

Which form you are referring to?

The upper form allows to create a new subdomain and add it to your account.
The lower form allows to search a domain name and purchase a premium hosting + domain bundle. In your case, you shouldn’t use this.

Also, your site are unbearably slow for me. Can you describe what make you think it isn’t working?


No, It is working, It’s just that infinityfree servers are slow sometimes and they have announced they were having server problems.

I just want my website to go from to, I like the shorter subdomain.

So basically, you’ll need to follow te guide that @KangJL had given to you. And everything should be fine.
Just don’t forget to update site url if you on a framework like wordpress.

And before doing the guide, you’ll need to create the subdomain “” in the page you have shown.


I just need to move the files in the directory of codefin.42web to If so, I cannot do that since everytime I do try to do that, MONSTA FTP does not let me download the directory.

You can use an FTP client to do that, since the File Manager struggles with too many files. Here’s a guide on how to connect one, in this case FileZilla:


You could just use cut & paste instead of downloading the whole folder first.

And @JxstErg1 is right too — If you really need downloading it first you’ll need a client, as online file manager has little resource to consume and always fail with downloading big folders.


I tried cutting and pasting to the new website, I also cannot cut and paste.

Then please use desktop FTP clients like FileZilla.


I am, There is no “cut” or “paste” option

How about my databases though? Will they get transferred aswell or is that not necessary?

Not necessary. Just copy paste the config and the framework will automatically detect the database and start working.

Well, then you should try reinstalling framework to that domain. Don’t forget to copy config. Or you can download the whole htdocs and the re-upload it to With FileZilla downloading whole folder isn’t a problem.


Your database is going to be the same; you’re just going to change the website URL on the database so it points to the new subdomain.


How do I do that?

I already told you.
You have two options:

  • Reinstall framework (WordPress), and copy the old config to new place.
    And there’s two reinstallation methods:
    • Reinstall by Softaculous.
    • Reinstall by manually uploading the whole archive.
  • Download the old htdocs and upload it to new

Next, go back to your old site and change your site url.

Whichever method you use, you should always use an FTP client like FileZilla, to prevent possible issues.


I did try that, I am using filezilla to get the htdocs folers and get it copied/downloaded, I can’t do either of those.

I have been trying to change the domain for a long time, Some people keep saying it is not possible and the people that are trying to guide has not helped me.