Cant upload


I upload using filezilla, which indicates that it was uploaded successfully, but the file is not appear on the server. I tried using cpanel filemanager as well to no avail.

Is there a setting I need to change?


Please read this thread


Hi and welcome to the forum! You have to extract the zip file on your computer and upload the content of the extracted folder inside your domain’s htdocs folder. Or install WordPress through Softaculous, isn’t it better?

@KangJL, I think the topic you linked to isn’t related to this issue, as the person on the thread had a different kind of file and the OP has the zip instead.


Well, the wordpress installer file is normally in wordpress-(version).zip format.
OP did not specify what kind of zip is it for.
However, the symptoms encountered are similar.
That’s why I pointed OP to the thread to remind him of file size limit of free hosting


There are also these KB articles that can interest him:

They all reference the file size limit and also have workarounds in them to make sure they’re uploaded correctly.

@dionkb, also read these.


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