Audio not playing

So I registered an website, and put this in <body>.
<audio src="" autoplay loop></audio>
I am using Google Chrome, which does NOT block audio from autoplaying.

I entered the same code into two different online html editors, replit and the w3schools html editor, and both of them played the audio. But the audio never plays in my infinityfree website.

Actually, they do in select circumstances:

More information:

Can you please share the exact URL of the page with the problem?

Ah. It seems I was wrong about chrome allowing autoplay. Apparently they don’t. I guess I misremembered.

Wait… But they say interacting with the site enables autoplay. So why when I click - nothing happens?

Using this iframe (How to make audio autoplay on chrome - Stack Overflow) solution does not work as well.

<iframe src="" allow="autoplay" style="display:none" id="iframeAudio">

Ah - It seems Chrome patched this functionality. But still, that doesn’t explain why after clicking the site, the audio still does not play

I have another question—This may seem trivial but how do I link to the site directory? Say I have “audio.mp3” inside of htdocs. How do I link it? “/htdocs/audio.mp3”? “htdocs/audio.mp3”? “audio.mp3”?

As audio.mp3 or /audio.mp3


Can you explain why the audio still does not play after I have interacted with the site?

Please read these threads


I have a video on a website ,and it’s works well ,maybe you can inspect the code to find a solution there .

I think (more guess than knowledge), that “autoplay starts with interaction” feature is mostly intended for sites that, for example, use Javascript to dynamically add the audio element when a user clicks a page. Or maybe when they navigate from one page in your site to another.

The StackOverflow post you linked to contains numerous different hacks you could try. I don’t know which of those have been fixed or not.

I say “fixed” because being able to autoplay music when the page loads is generally not what people want. There isn’t a good way to make it work because nobody but you wants it to work.

To me, it also works, but it doesn’t autoplay (on Firefox). And the rules for video and audio are different.


It is not autoplay ,and maybe it still take a time to load .

sound not autoplay especially on chrome, it should be caused by autoplay policy.
when googling it, it say you can trick with iframe. iframe not work as easy to use on infinityfree.

If You make an audio custom, and You choose to using audio context. You may hitted by autoplay policy.
Here is the solutions, Your play button onClick event listener may look like this:

      let audioCtx;

      // load some sound
      const audioElement = document.querySelector("audio");
      let track;

      const playButton = document.querySelector(".tape-controls-play");

      // play pause audio
        () => {
          if (!audioCtx) {
            audioCtx = new AudioContext();
            track = new MediaElementAudioSourceNode(audioCtx, {
             mediaElement: audioElement,

          // check if context is in suspended state (**autoplay policy**)
          if (audioCtx.state === "suspended") {

          if (playButton.dataset.playing === "false") {
            playButton.dataset.playing = "true";
            // if track is playing pause it
          } else if (playButton.dataset.playing === "true") {
            playButton.dataset.playing = "false";

          // Toggle the state between play and not playing
          let state =
            playButton.getAttribute("aria-checked") === "true" ? true : false;
          playButton.setAttribute("aria-checked", state ? "false" : "true");

before calling play method, there is an update of audio context suspended code

          // check if context is in suspended state (**autoplay policy**)
          if (audioCtx.state === "suspended") {

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