Iframe not working

I can’t seem to iframe my site to another mine website through. Why? I just wanted to iframe php pages.

What code is being used? What error is given? Also, wouldn’t it be easier to just copy the files to this other site?

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I use PHP and MySQL. When I embed the pages, it wouldn’t show any content to through.

If you don’t tell us anything helpful we can’t help you

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Well I currently wanted to embed my PHP and MySQL forum to my Github pages through. Github pages couldn’t host PHP and MySQL so I host it here and embed it there.

I wanted to use my domain : apadotech.ga ( which the domain for my Github pages ) for the forum too. I wanted to make a subdomain ( forum.apadotech.ga ) from the main domain so I could use it for the forum too. Since Infinityfree needed to change name server. I think embedding on a github page with that subdomain should work too.

You’re likely running into this security system:

Although embedding pages to my github page also not allow?

Embedding pages hosted with us on any other domain is not possible. This includes GitHub Pages, every other hosting service in the world, including our own hosting, and even other domains on the same account.

Oh ok

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